NVIDIA Shield gets temporary price cut to $199, native version of Portal coming soon

NVIDIA launched its Shield portable Android gaming console in mid-2013 with much fanfare but since then, the company has been fairly quiet about the product. Today, it announced quite a few updates that will be coming to Shield owners in the next few weeks and months, and also cut the price of the console down $50 to just $199 from now until the end of April.

In addition to the price cut, NVIDIA says a upcoming software update will allow owners to stream and play games from their home PC over any WiFi connection with at least 5Mbps of bandwidth, rather than just from their home network. Support for Bluetooth keyboard and mouse is also due in the update that is coming April 2nd. Finally, it plans to to release a new version of its GeForce Experience desktop software so that any PC app can be streamed to the Shield.

If that was not enough, NVIDIA has announced in a separate release that it is working with Valve to launch a version of its acclaimed puzzle shooter Portal that will run natively on the Shield. Details about the port, including a price and release date, were not announced.

Source: NVIDIA | Image via NVIDIA

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The only game console I ever purchased was the Panasonic 3DO. Live and learn, I guess. This product reminds me of that.

A flop.

people who still play with portable consoles rather than tablets and smartphones. I am amazed myself to see women in the launch break playing some Nintendo DS games about building cities and stuff talking to other women about their progress in those games. kind of creepy

well it is on a phone but i saw some girls talking about thier level on Leps World the other day, seemed ok Mario like but I would of thought it would appear more fun with a Moga controller

This was my exact first thought, don't care about Shield at all but it'd be great to start getting some /real/ games on android :)