Nvidia to launch nForce 790i chipset in 2Q

Nvidia is planning to launch the next generation nForce 790i chipset in the second quarter this year. The chipset adopts Nvidia's C73 northbridge and MCP55 southbridge, and will support Intel processors with FSB up to 1600MHz, according to sources at motherboard makers.

The chipset will also feature 3-way SLI and Hybrid SLI technology and support DDR3 memory. Motherboard makers generally expect DDR3 memory pricing will start to drop in the third quarter of 2008. The nForce 790i is positioned by Nvidia as a high-end product and so the motherboard should attract high-end gamers who will be willing to pay a premium for DDR3 memory.

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780i wasn't high end enough? It's for "high end gamers"? This kind of overpriced hardware is why so many gamers are getting consoles instead.

I was about to get pretty interested in this until I saw that it will be DDR3 only. I don't particularly enjoy spending $250 on a "high end" motherboard that does nothing but let me add another GPU to the system. I'm really interested in the Hybrid SLI system, but if they're going to release this stuff in their high end products only, then I'll just get a motherboard with an Intel chipset.