Nvidia to unveil line-leading gaming GPU next month?

Next month will see the arrival of a new top-of-the-line Nvidia GeForce 8 series GPU, the 8800 Ultra, along with a host of lesser products, it has been claimed. The 8800 Ultra's speeds and feeds aren't yet known, but it will represent an "overclocked 8800 GTX", according to a report at NGOHQ.com, citing Nvidia partner sources.

The day of the launch isn't known precisely either: some say 17 April, others suggest 28 April is the day Nvidia has down in its diary. Whenever it's released, the 8800 Ultra is almost certainly intended to shore up Nvidia's hold on the high-end of the graphics business against AMD's delayed R600.

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News source: The Reg

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I discovered why there's a need for monster video cards when I got a 22" widescreen x) NVIDIA's really laying the smackdown (in hardware). I hope DAAMiT can recover with the simultaneous Barcelona/R600 launch.

Speaking of widescreens though, ATi needs to introduce fixed-aspect scaling and NVIDIA needs to fix their implementation of it (last I knew).

I'd like to know that too! Last I knew it was the next thing to come out, maybe they're not doing the 8900 but doing the 8800 Ultra instead?

They've probably pushed the 8900 off a bit so it launches with the R600.

It's a smart move because the R600 sounds like a beast.

93.71 since the 2nd of November... Christ!

(... I'll probably end up moving to ati for their unified shaders anyway though. When I go dx10.)

Which probably isn't a smart move, but hey!

I've just sold my 7900gtx, waiting for the ultra to come out, and i'll be set