NVIDIA's massive $999 GeForce GTX Titan PC graphics card revealed

Hardcore PC hardware users always want the fastest and most powerful graphics card in their rig and today, NVIDIA claims that they have the current champion in the just announced GeForce GTX Titan. The card also comes with a very "powerful" price tag of $999.

What do you get for that amount of money? You get a single graphics card with 2,688 CUDA cores, 6 GB of GDDR5 RAM, and 7.1 billion transistors that NVIDIA says can generate 4.5 teraflops of single precision and 1.3 teraflops of double precision processing power. If you have a ton of money, you could put in up to three of these graphics cards in a PC that will work in SLI mode.

NVIDIA is also hyping the construction and design of the GeForce GTX Titan, saying, that it has a "high-quality exterior aluminum frame and high efficiency vapor chamber cooling."

A number of PC OEMs will begin to offer the NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan as an option for their high end PCs starting on Thursday. Companies such as ASUS and EVGA will begin to sell stand alone versions of the GeForce GTX Titan starting on Monday, February 25th.

Source: NVIDIA | Image via NVIDIA

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current 690 costs 1k eur.. soo this new card is cheaper?
why so much moaning over the price if it's better/faster than 690?

Anyone who doesn't have 2 of these with 2 Terabytes of RAM running Server 2013 and a Liquid Nitrogen cooled Extreme i7 is a Plebian and is ruining gaming.

I'm pretty confident that the downfall of 3dfx was that they started making absolutely ridiculous graphics cards at ridiculously high prices... Voodoo 5 6000, anyone?

these types of cards are obviously for those who have a TON of money to burn as for the vast majority of people it would not many any sense to get anything close to that price.

but anyone who buys these i would just cringe as it seems like a waste of money basically as $1000 is a large chunk of money for most people.

Well. that's certainly less than my expectation for it. The memory bus is especially a letdown.

Also, lol @ the comments about its build quality. Blower style fans won't go anywhere near my system.

Now to wait for it and board partners to implement custom PCB/cooling solutions, uggggh.

No, I don't have the money to buy it, but I might anyway.

how long will the battery last? 11 hours or its too expensive... will I be able to use it on my lap? it is too heavy for the price. how much of the 6gig will I be able to use after the os takes up some space and I set the recovery disk? for that price(999) its too expensive.

benalvino said,
how long will the battery last? 11 hours or its too expensive... will I be able to use it on my lap? it is too heavy for the price. how much of the 6gig will I be able to use after the os takes up some space and I set the recovery disk? for that price(999) its too expensive.

Not sure if serious...

Surpassed I don't really care about. It is the fact that in 6-9 months the same about of power will be available at the $300 price point that stops me from ever considering something like this. Actually, I wait and buy last gen high end graphics cards used on eBay for about $100. Everyone is looking to get the latest and greatest, so on the used market you can get these cards for a steal. Not cards like this, but cards that once sold for $300-400.

Anaron said,
At that price, it better be handmade and it better have the CEO's signature.

Yes, the 7.1 Billion transistors are attached by hand to the 28 nm micro procossor, ROLF

It's about the same, the 690 may be slightly faster in certain games that scale well with SLI. But the Titan has more VRAM (6GB) and is a single GPU. The 690 is just two 680 GPU's sharing the same card, and while the 690 has 4GB total, thats split for each GPU, basically limiting you to 2GB for use with games. So the Titan will be much better for insane resolutions that need tons of graphics RAM (what you'd use this for anyway). Personally i'd got for this because a single GPU is always better than SLI for so many reasons.

> if i had a 1000 bucks, i would drop it so quick on this! BAHAHAHA

Worded that way, this sounds self-inflicted.

Could the reason you don't have $1000 be the fact that you would spend $1000 on a video card if you had it?

I can see video studios doing high end CG work wanting something like this, but as far as gaming goes, this is just getting ridiculous now. No home gamer is going to need that kind of raw power for years.

This is based on the 6xx series. It's the GK110, the GTX 680 was the GK104, basically a cut down version of this. Nvidia already had this thing in super computers, including the worlds most powerful super computer called Titan. So now they've turned it in to a consumer product.

This is a luxury product though. There will still be a GTX 780, but probably not for some time. Even then it still may not be as fast as this thing, but the 780 will atleast be cheaper. The Titan has 6GB VRAM with a 386-bit memory bus, plus a 551mm2 size GPU with 7.1 billion transistors. Making it by far the largest, and most expensive to produce GPU. So theres no way NV could sell this for the same price as the 680 or AMD 7970 without losing tons of money.

It's a shame the next gen consoles wont have anything near as powerful as this. Once again PC gamers will have tons of power not being used, and will be held back by console hardware for many years to come. Not just graphics, but enemy A.I, physics, and gameplay can all greatly benefit from more power.