O2 announces free Twitter alerts via SMS

O2 will begin offering free SMS Twitter alert services beginning August 1 for UK customers.

An O2 spokesperson confirmed that O2 has "teamed up with Twitter to turn Twitter updates into free text messages, meaning @ replies and direct messages just got a little more direct."

From the start of August, every O2 customer will be able to switch on text notifications within Twitter and receive replies and direct messages, free. O2 users will also be able to send updates to Twitter as part of their normal text message bundle or for the cost of a normal text. Once enabled, users will be alerted when they have an @reply or direct message. Users can choose to turn off notifications at certain times if they wish. O2 also has a fair use policy for Twitter texts. The company is urging users to try and "stay below 600 messages per month".

"We believe that mobile will soon become the most popular way of accessing social networking sites, giving real time access to tweets and status updates wherever you are," said Antony Douglas, Head of Content at O2. "The agreements we now have in place with Twitter and the other key sites brings this a step closer, making it quick and easy for O2 customers to access their favourite social networks straight from their mobile."

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I've been envious of Vodafone users since I started using Twitter.
I'm glad O2 has made a deal with Twitter too. :D
I don't see why Twitter can't do this for all networks, Facebook does.

Are twitter's text notifications near instant? This might save me using a push notification twitter client, which all technically have a slight delay at the moment as they have to keep checking the twitter db's.

I use them on Vodafone and find them to be pretty much instantaneous.

Only thing is I'll sometimes turn them off (it gets annoying when people have a convo over tweets) and forget to turn them back on :P