O2 dates broadband launch

October 15th is the day mobile operator will become ISP

O2 has announced the date that it will launch its broadband service in the UK as October 15th.

"The UK broadband market is fuelled by price competition, but customers are also frustrated over hidden costs, bad customer service and technical complexity," said Matthew Key, CEO of O2 UK. The company is intending on putting customer service at the front of its agenda. It has said that before allowing a customer to complete a purpose, a line check will be completed to give a customer an idea of the speed they will receive and charge them on the applicable tariff.

A further line check will be completed one month later to ensure that they are receiving a consistent service and that the customer is still on the applicable tariff. O2 has said that it is keen to ensure that customers are only paying for what their line can deliver.

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well actually technically they became an ISP at the beginning of the year.. they bought Be* at its infancy and left it ever since they bought it to act independently and there prices are very fair.. https://www.bethere.co.uk

24 meg broadband for 24 pound uncapped with afree thomson wireless router, not to bad a deal, i was was with for a short while and their cusotmer service is quite amazing but then you got seen quite quickly cuz of a small customer base...

if you go to their forums you cna prob find out what O2 and Be* are up to, i reckon you get the 12 pound package for free with a phone like orange did....

O2 was formed from BT Cellnet after it demerged from BT. It was it's own company until last year I think, when it was aquired by Telefonica, forming Telefonica O2.

oneoffour said,
Yep O2 hasn't been part of BT for years and yes it is now part of the Spanish Telefonica group.

Actually to put it correctly, O2 was never part of BT, the day that O2 was formed was the day it was demerged.

Information for UK residents. O2 is a mobile phone/cell phone telecom provider.

If they are planning on introducing broadband, I am assuming that this will mean people will be able to take their mobile/broadband package with them whereever they may go. As for whether it will be ADSL or not, I think it will be a mix between ADSL and 3G depending on areas of coverage. Most of the UK is covered by 3G/HSDPA which means speed of 1-3 megabyte per line....

Just have to wait and see I guess >.>

EDIT: I stand corrected. It look as if O2 will be offering a "Home" service that ties in with your telephone line.

Sorry for the confusion.

O2 has said that it is keen to ensure that customers are only paying for what their line can deliver.

I'd imagine that is ADSL. Not all phone lines can go above 10mbps, the new ones can.

Willdev said,
Is this ADSL or cable?

if it's involving line checks etc it will be ADSL, not to mention the fact that if it was cable they would either need to lay a network (and go bust) or partner with VM