O&O Defrag Professional 10

With its release of the new O&O Defrag 10, the Berlin-based O&O Software is reissuing its leading solution for the defragmenation of PCs and servers with full support for all current Windows operating systems, including Vista in 32- and 64-Bit formats. The new and exclusive Auto defrag functionality that adjusts its resource usage to a user's needs, represents a milestone in the development of defragmenation software. For the first time ever, this functionality allows users to remedy performance slowdowns associated with disk fragmentation permenantly and without any need for user interaction.

O&O Defrag is the only product offering five defragmentation methods designed for a variety of different workstation or server demands. These differing defragmenation stategies differ in speed, required system resources and degree of optimization, enabling the selection of the right method for the right scenario. In O&O Defrag 10 it is now even possible to leave the selection of the best defragmenation strategy up to the O&O Defrag's auto-defragmentation function.

Key features:

  • Automatic and self-adjusting defragmentation in the background (O&O OneButtonDefrag)
  • Select from different profiles for the automatic defragmentation of PCs and servers
  • Expanded job scheduling for custom strategies for automatic defragmentation
  • Status monitor and control direct from the Task Tray
  • Completely overhauled interface for increased usability
  • Expanded O&O Defrag Wizard for quick configuration
  • O&O ActivityGuard Pro for even less system loads
  • Expanded Power Management for Notebooks
  • ScreenSaver Mode
  • Integrated O&O Defrag ScreenSaver with 3-D animation
  • Five unique defragmentation methods for different optimization strategies
  • Support for all current Windows operating systems in 32- and 64-bit
  • Support of all Windows drives in configuration and sizes
Download: O&O Defrag Professional Edition 10.0.1634 | 12.2Mb (Shareware. Costs $49.95)
Screenshot: >> Click Here <<
Link: Home Page

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Hmm, tried it and left it running overnight as my drive was reported 40% fragmented, woke up this morning and my PC had locked up overnight. May not have been OO but when rebooting and having to go through SafeMode, my CPU was 100% and OO was causing it, tried to open the interface again and the PC froze solid again. happens everytime now and I have no way of stopping it autoloading?

A lot of great defraganators out there these days....this is one of the good ones. Diskeeper is my personal fav, but ive used O&O and loved it in the past.

Just a tip, if you sign up to their email newsletter, you get a coupon you can use at checkout to save $5.

I assume Microsoft license the "Ribbon" out to other companies for revenue. I know PowerArchiver uses it too.

heheheheh i just noticed something on their checkout they are adding on 19% VAT instead of 17.5% for Uk buyers naughty naughty

They most likely licensed the "Fluent" interface from MS. It's free of charge to licensees, with the sole condition being the product cannot compete with any of MS's offerings. Link is here. So basically any program can use the UI, maybe except for suites like OpenOffice.

Judging by the screenshots they seem to have done a good job with the UI. The one other program I can think of that uses the Office 2k7 UI is PowerArchiver whose Office 2k7 UI still had a few oddities.