OCZ Vertex 450 SSD Review: Vector-like Performance For Less

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The battle between the Vector and the Samsung SSD 840 Pro has been closely contested ever since the Indilinx-based drive arrived late last year, though when push comes to shove OCZ could be on the losing end. As it stands today the SSD 840 Pro series is slightly cheaper and slightly faster in our real-world tests.

Therefore it makes sense that today OCZ is releasing a second SSD series based on a slightly modified version of the Barefoot 3 controller that is designed to be more cost effective.

Known as the Vertex 450, this new SSD uses the ‘Barefoot 3 M10’ controller, which features a power-optimized clock generator and runs at a slightly lower clock speed. The latter helps improve yields and thus drives costs down. Additionally, the modified Barefoot controller supports 20nm lithography NAND and AES-256 encryption.

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Not sure about the price but Samsung SSD's are very reliable, a stark contrast when compared with the crap made by OCZ

Whats the failure rate of these new SSDs? I had a buddy say "Backup....Backup.Backup.Backup. Youll be lucky to get 3 years out of it"

That was a couple of years ago. The latest OCZ Vector and Samsung 840 drives seem to do just fine. We haven't experienced any problems, zero defects after the first 4 month for over 120 installed drives (80 OCZ Vector 256GB/ 40 Samsung 840 Pro 256GB). We replaced 3 and 2 year old Vertex 2 and Vertex 3 drives which had a failure rate of about 5 in 100 every month or two.

KSib said,
I've never heard anything of the sort, but you should be making backups anyway.

It is the lower nm memory at fault. This 25nm and 20nm is resulting in more errors. Anandtech didn't an indepth review, intel's 335 ssd was supposed to be terrible, they said they would get intel to investigate it and hope that a firmware would solve it but they never did a re-review.

No thanks. This company is known for its horrid failure rates on their drives. I have even seen it first hand with some of the student computers I have worked on. Until they get that under control I will never buy anything from them.

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