Office 2010 SP1 sent out to beta testers

Microsoft has sent out to select beta testers the first iteration of its service pack for Office 2010. The service pack weighs in at 294 MB and is currently making its way into the inbox of a selected group of beta testers.

Office 2010 is Microsoft's latest version of its popular productivity suite and is used widely across corporate America. A general rule in the IT world is to not install any products from Microsoft until SP1 has been released; this is typically done to ensure stability and security for the end user. 

Our tipster has indicated that there are no noticeable changes after first use.  This indicates that it may be a large patch to the platform that will further enhance the security and the stability of the application.

Microsoft Office is a big ticket item for Microsoft and its imperative to their financial success that the platform be adopted widely to meet its sales and financial targets. With SP1 just around the corner, Microsoft will soon be able to expect corporate America to begin its adoption of Microsoft's latest Office offering. 

Thanks for the tip Tom

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Good news. We're just about complete rolling it out to 600 users and I can promise there are significant issues. Office XP was far more stable.
1. Outlook can be very slow. We're still on Exchange 2003 and I don't see that changing any time soon ($$).
2. Powerpoint coughs and dies. It can't handle image types that XP was fine with -specifically EMF. While this format might seem obsolete to some, I can assure you it's alive and well in some industries and there's good reason to use it.
3. Needs to handle Legacy file types, conversion of legacy files better. Specifically linked Excel spreadsheets. We're housing close to a million of them and bulk conversion is not an option.
Example: Spreadsheet A.xls is linked to a cell in spreadsheet B.xls. Change B.xls to B.xlsx and A can't find the data any longer. Build in some logic to search missing links for a possible .xlsx file extension and we're better than we are.
4. GPO needs to be extended to address more features in office. Current 2010 templates are incomplete (hard to believe but true).

the service pack will fix bugs, compatability problems and security i'm sure, with millions of users using it on a daily basis i'm sure alot of bugs have been found and fixed since it was released. Maybe some speed improvements, who knows.

still1 said,
Its already fast and stable. I dont understand what they are going to update.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't!

Ok, so the article makes it sound like the software is being emailed out to everyone? Or is that just me?

Incidentally, it isn't...

Well. What's new? I'll download the final version. This is not the same as windows'. Office 2010 is great, stable, and fast. I don't see why we need to download any SP1 Pre RTM releases.

Anyways, thanks for the news tip.

este said,
A little early for this, no?

It's just a beta... probably a few months out yet. Office 2010 was finished in April? May have been around for almost a year by the time SP1 is available for download, doesn't seem that early to me.