Office 365 training documents hints that iOS and Android support is 'coming soon'

We all know that at somepoint in the future, Microsoft will port its Office suite to iOS and Android. While Microsoft has kept quiet on the issue, we have seen quite a bit of evidence that the platforms will see Office apps - but the timeline is still unknown.

While we still don't have a date for the release, new screenshots sent to Neowin from Microsoft's Expert Zone training state that additional mobile platform support is "coming soon". Seeing that Microsoft is using the phrase "coming soon", it would appear that the wait is nearly over, and considering that Microsoft has officially rolled out its subscription package service, Office 365, the foundation is in place to support these apps from a revenue perspective.

For Microsoft, the Office platform is the ace up the sleeve for the company as it is widely considered to be the king of productivity applications. Microsoft is currently using Office as bait with the new Windows RT-based Surface tablet by bundling the application with the device.

We will be curious to see what functionality is included with the iOS/Android versions of Office as we expect it will be neutered in some way to promote their Surface (and Windows Phone) as the superior product. 

One of the big questions we are wanting answered is if the iOS/Android version of Office will be touch-optimized. If Microsoft delivers a finger friendly version of Office to iOS/Android users before that of Surface users, it will be interesting to see how the community reacts as Microsoft would have given preference to the iPad instead of the Surface for mobile Office.

Of course, you can't ignore that Microsoft does have a touch friendly version of Office out now for Windows Phone users.

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Oh this old wishful story AGAIN!

Keep talking whilst walking because it aint happening this decade. You can gain access to Office Web Apps (Office 365) but there is no way MS is selling full blown Office to iOS or Android. MS is a services and devices company and a large portion of its revenue comes from the Windows OS sales. Providing MS Office on competing platforms whilst potentially increasing its office based revenue (the largest part of its revenue stream) it would add a significant danger to its OS revenue stream which also affects the rest of its eco system as it loses control of the client side which connects to the backend MS services.

One of the big questions we are wanting answered is if the iOS/Android version of Office will be touch-optimized.

Seriously Brad?

Office for Android and iOS is going to be a variation of the version of Office for WP8. People act like Microsoft is porting Word and Excel to iOS and Android, which is IMPOSSIBLE.

The core OSes do NOT easily support even a fraction of the frameworks/APIs/Functionality needed to run a large Application like Word or Excel. Just the maximums allowed for Apps, like memory, controls, etc on iOS and Android would prevent anything close to the desktop version of Word or Excel running on them.

So YES they will be touch optimized. If not, what on earth would be the purpose of Microsoft releasing them, as Office for the Web would be just as effective.


They could go after BB10, just curious about specific native app mentions rather than even better web optimized versions for other mobile devices.

tomwarren said,
Where does it mention iOS or Android?

This is what I was thinking too. After looking through the 'evidence' there is no specific mention of Android or iOS just 'additional mobile devices'. You could argue that the title of the article is still consistent with this because it 'hints'.