Office Live Documents - Hotmail Founder Challenges Microsoft

Sabeer Bhatia sold Hotmail to Microsoft in 1997 for around $400 million. After selling Hotmail, Sabeer tried new ventures but none of them were very successful. Now Sabeer has decided to challenge the cash cow (Microsoft Office) of the same company that made him a millionaire.

Today he has launched Office Live Documents - an online+offline Office suite of programs similar to Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Like Zoho Office and Google Docs, Live Documents lets you create, edit and share Office documents in the web browser. All your edits are automatically synchronized with all other copies of the documents.

And if you own a copy of Microsoft Office, you can download a Live Documents toolbar that makes it easy to upload documents from your Office programs to the Live Documents cloud (very similar to Office Live Workspace). Live Documents is done in Flex so should work on any system that has the Flash plug-in. Overall, Live Docs sounds like a good concept but they are definitely up against some heavyweights notably Google and Microsoft.

Link: Request Invite for Live Documents
News source: Digital Inspiration

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Yahoo! Mail was also basically spawned from soneone else when they bought Four11 and their email product "Rocketmail".

I'm going to give it a try.

Signed up. Wonder how well it will work on Linux, but it says it should work on Flash-capable systems.

What exactly is he hoping for, that Microsoft will buy his product again?

Microsoft Office is the standard. Deal with it.

For the very few who would consider a competing product, Open Office and Google's suite provide offline and online alternatives so why throw another player in that mix that offers no advantages over its competitors?

If I had $400 million I sure wouldn't be wasting my time trying to bring down Microsoft.

What I do not understand is, the guy makes more money than a thousand people would need to live for a 100 years in a nice house in a nice country close to a nice sandy beach with nice weather, then he ploughs piles of money into bad ventures.

Why didn't he just buy a nice big house, near a nice big sandy private beach with honeys and live off the interest.