Official PayPal Windows Phone app released

PayPal users who have been waiting patiently for an official and dedicated Windows Phone app can now breath easy. The company launched the official PayPal app for smartphone owners that have Microsoft's mobile operating system inside earlier this week.

The app, which can be downloaded for free from the Windows Phone Marketplace, allows its users to send money from their bank account or their own PayPal balance to others for free. The app also allows users to check to see which of their local businesses support PayPal Here services.

So far, PayPal has yet to issue an official press release for their new Windows Phone app. The company's main page still shows only the iOS and Android app as download options, but hopefully they will reveal more about their plans for Windows Phone in the near future.

Source: Windows Phone Marketplace | Image via Paypal

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ACTIONpack said,
Stitched leather looks really bad on the Windows Phone. It's just not the same as the iOS.

Stitched leather looks really bad on any platform.

Geesh so much negativity, guys. It is just an app announcement. It's not bad looking and better now than after Windows Phone 8 devices launch, right?

Been waiting and waiting and ....................... and I was just on my PayPal yesterday and glanced the Android\iPhone logo and was wondering when they'd finally add a Windows Phone app. Thanks for heads up.

This is one thing that makes me hesitate to move onto WP8 from WP7, a lot of big apps just dont seem to make it to the WP platform and I worry WP8 will be no different.

Just downloaded, seeing as I'll be on 7.5/7.8 any NFC capabilities in the app are useless but I can keep with with all my lack of incoming funds haha

Really slow development from paypal, would have fit in perfectly with my Windows phone which only has a few weeks left on it's contract. May as well wait until I get my windows 8 phone in November.

dogmai79 said,
Not available in Canada. Only US I think.

I have it here in the UK, it's been out for a while it's just Neowin being slow with the news that's all.

King Mustard said,

Not really.

Aside from the horrible embossed logo, I really do prefer it over Apple's take on it.