Old school MapQuest app available for Windows Phone 8

For many long time Internet users, MapQuest is a name that is decidedly old school. Before Google Maps and Bing Maps, the MapQuest web service, which launched in 1995, was the best way to map out locations on the Internet. MapQuest was later acquired by AOL in 2000.

This week, Microsoft announced that an official MapQuest app is now available for Windows Phone 8 devices. The free app can be downloaded now from the Windows Phone Store.

Microsoft stated:

The clean, modern design shows real-time traffic conditions, calculates driving routes, and supplies voice-guided directions. Handy optional map layers make it easy to find restaurants, hotels, and other places of interest. Pin your destination to Start for quick access, with Live Tile updates based on your current location.

While Nokia Lumia devices have their own Nokia Maps app and Microsoft has the Bing Maps app to download, it's always good to have another well produced map app in the Windows Phone Store. That's especially true since it's highly unlikely that Google will ever release a Google Maps app for Windows Phone devices, even though Microsoft and Google recently announced they would work together on a Windows Phone YouTube app.

Source: Windows Store | Image via AOL

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made me wonder if google gonna cancel waze app for WP8.
well, maybe it's inevitable to see waze on wp8, but the next question that comes to mind: will it allow waze to update the app in the future.

"While Nokia Lumia devices have their own Nokia Maps app"
Every WP8 device gets the HERE Maps application... or is there another Nokia Maps app?

littleneutrino said,
People still use MapQuest?

I know my father does... It doesn't usually get him where he's going, but he still uses it...

Cool, all we need now is a Netscape Navigator app, Napster and ICQ app for Windows Phone and we're back to the 90s! XD