Older versions of Yahoo Mail to shut down June 3rd

In December, Yahoo launched a new version of its web-based Yahoo Mail service alongside a Windows 8 Yahoo Mail app. Today, the company announced that the older versions of Yahoo Mail won't be available to access after the week of June 3rd.

The reveal came via a blog post on Friday, which added that the change means that Yahoo Mail Classic, which uses the first version of the site's interface that launched way back in 1997, will be shut down. The blog stated that Yahoo Mail users that still access the site with an older web browser on via a dial-up Internet connection will be moved over to a basic/HTML version of the new Yahoo Mail after June 3rd.

The post added, "And if you decide not to switch, we’ll make it easy for you to download and transfer your mail, or close your account." Yahoo Mail still has a huge user base; ComScore stated in October that Yahoo Mail had 298 million users at that time.

Yahoo also announced several services would shut down after April 30th, including the Yahoo Mail and Messenger feature phone apps, along with the Upcoming, Yahoo Deals, Yahoo SMS Alerts and Yahoo Kids services.

Source: Yahoo | Image via Yahoo

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My neighbor uses the old version of yahoo mail.

Hell, she had me try to get it back for her when she got her new computer.

Wonder what's going to happen now..

I still use the old version and have since 1997!!

Any "improvements" they have ever made, usually lead to some totally messed up crap!

I must admit though that I'm disliking Yahoo mail more and more everyday. It's spam guard doesn't instantly delete spam anymore, mainly.

Can't stand Gmail, so that's not an option, but have several other accounts that I do like!

Heck, I even use my ISP's mail, unlike a lot of wanna be geeks!!

I think Yahoo mail is not the king. Yahoo Mail or yahoo messenger??? what? So back for this big company. The game e.g. for mail is Outlook VS Gmail. And for companies Microsoft vs Google.
Bing vs google search.

Dear Yahoo, you can close my mail account, along with my Yahoo messenger account.

In fact, I can't think of any reason to be a Yahoo customer at all any more.

Let me get this straight, you can't use the Current version of Yahoo! Mail because I feel its better and plus other services do same killing the old (Microsoft moving to Outlook.com, Google moving to new gmail).

Also the Messenger is still alive just he Messenger Feature phone apps going to shut down which mean non-smartphones will be unable to use IM of Yahoo.