Olympian Kerri Walsh star of latest Windows Phone TV ad (with Surface cameo)

We have seen quite a few TV ads for Windows Phone lately, and most center on how celebrities such as actress Jessica Alba, football star Cam Newton and most recently comedian Andy Samberg use their Windows Phone device.

On Friday, Microsoft uploaded their latest TV ad for Windows Phone on YouTube, and its a little different than the company's previous commercials. For one thing, it's just over two minutes long. For another, it's a bit more serious in tone than most of the previous commercials, which have had been more humorous.

The ad centers on Kerri Walsh, who won gold medals for the US in beach volleyball in the 2004, 2008 and in last year's Summer Olympic Games. The Windows Phone she owns in the ad is the Nokia Lumia 920 and the commercial shows shows off the OS's features like Kid's Corner, which allows Walsh to give her smartphone to her kids to play games.

There's even a scene where she is using the Windows Phone version of Office to view a document on SkyDrive, which then cuts to a scene where she views the same document on her Surface tablet.

The most telling thing about this new ad is that there are long stretches where there is no smartphone shown at all. Walsh is seen talking to school kids about volleyball or playing with her family on the beach and there's no Lumia 920 to be seen. Microsoft clearly wanted to show that owning a smartphone is just one part of a person's life, rather than their entire life.

Source: Windows Phone on YouTube

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i think this is better than the normal or apple commercial, those just show a materialistic side of things, just too cold. these instead shows a more natural and heartwarming commercial.

I have not been impressed by any of the adds from Microsoft for their latest product lineup. What led me to purchase Lumia 920 was the pure brilliance of this product. If it was up to the adds then I probably would have never purchased a WP8 smartphone. Apple really knows how to make you crave for their products through the advertisements. Nobody wants the copycat of Apple adverts but at least learn and innovate from it.