OMGNOWAI!!1! Twitter introduces 'Lolcat' as a language

Twitter works for a global audience, but Lolcats have consistently been ignored by the social network. Lolcats haven't been able to use the service in their native language, but a new Twitter update is correcting this injustice. If you head to the settings page, you'll see the following:

The option is effectively useless if you don't speak English, since that's all it's available in. Still, if you speak English and want to make everything on Twitter read like an image macro the settings are available. Since Caps Lock is cruise control for cool, it's also entirely in capitals.

If nothing else, it brings some attention to Twitter's Translation Center, which can be accessed here. If you're bilingual (or speak Lolcat), you can contribute.

It's worth pointing out that Lolcat doesn't affect tweets, though you likely expected this. As you can see in the screencapped tweet from @NeowinFeed (our official Twitter), it merely alters the interface around the tweet.

Adding a joke language to a service isn't all that unusual for social networks. Facebook has both 1337-style language and "Pirate" as English variants that can be chosen, so Twitter could just be following in their footsteps.

Source: Twitter

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Makes sense, as Twitter was designed for 15 year old's anyway...

Who cares you're on your way to lunch, or had for lunch, or saw at lunch....
Get a life...

They need the exact opposite of this, it should examine what the user types call them an idiot and automatically rewrite it correctly using proper english it will make them realise just how bad their spelling is when the service keeps correcting them

Yes, lets encourage more 'u's in statements (amongst others I know).

I personally can contest this being a problem as I always type 'u' for every 'you' in a text. Writing a paper, 'u' comes natural. Oops, thats not okay?

more thick ass typing by ppl.

imagine if this becomes standard speak over the next 10-20 years, and we beam that crap out into space... If any alyens out tehre, we wud like t get in cntct with u t share knowluuj. Took me ages try figure out how to try to type "retard".

We'd be subject to extermination cus we'd assume to have devolved in a rapid fashion as to affect the planet as we know it.

I like not straining my brain trying to read things. This is also why I have a problem with people who failed to learn how to type properly yet completed school; blows my mind.

And not only that. Bad orthography is contagious.
Since all these mediums surround you, it's almost impossible not to constantly read them.

Let me blow your mind twice! They learn how to type improperly with incorrect spelling thanks to reliance on autocorrect. With all the typing, people now have awful handwriting, and many schools don't teach cursive now either.