On Display, the Video Frontier

SPLAYED across hundreds of flat-panel L.C.D. TVs in the booths of Samsung, Sharp, Sony and other manufacturers at the Consumer Electronics Show here are gorgeous images of roses, New Zealand mountains and still lifes of red peppers. It's not that electronics executives are simply nature lovers. Liquid-crystal-display sets simply have a tougher time than plasma TVs in showing moving images without blurring the picture. The virtually motionless outdoor scenes look better than a smeared Ferrari racing across the screen.

Yet several companies said this week that problems long bedeviling L.C.D. TVs — motion blur, weak contrast, and limited color reproduction — had been solved. In other words, their L.C.D. sets finally produce a picture as good as plasma's.

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News source: NY Times

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I'll believe it when I see it.

The months leading up to Christmas, my girlfriend was wanting an LCD. Every time we would go to Best Buy she would ooh and ahh over the LCDs, and I began to point out the artifacts, the ghosting, the blur, the poor picture compared to plasma and CRT and by Thanksgiving she understood and every time she sees an LCD, she's like wow, that picture sucks.

I'd rather have a slimline / slimfit CRT right now to any LCD or plasma. I am however waiting for the laser projection LCDs which do show signs of promise.

LCD with ghosting or not i prefer the clearer image over the pixelation that plasmas show which kinda kills the whole HD buzz unless ur sitting far back from the tv... :sleeping:

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