One in five Brits with an iPhone regret their choice

Regret your iPhone? Wish you'd gone for a different phone? Or maybe you're tired of driving on the right hand side? Then Britain is the place for you! A new survey has found that one in five British iPhone owners have regrets about purchasing the phone. Of those that regretted their choice, 73 percent were male.

Digging a little deeper, GoodMobilePhones found that 43 percent envied other people's phones, while a quarter put it down to the battery life. The head of the website, Mark Owen, said, "Smartphone envy is something that many phone owners experience, but few will admit to, because everybody wants to believe that they own the ‘best’ phone on the market."

I'm an iPhone owner. I'm happy with my phone. Usually, when I go out and spend an extortionate amount on something, I tend to research it. I decided, after researching, that the iPhone was the phone for me. So it's not that people regret the phone that's surprising, it's that people are envious of other people's phones. Wake up, Britain! Before you spend that much money, look at other phones first! It's a real problem we have when people aren't doing their homework before buying an expensive toy and then regretting it later.


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It's a brand new iPhone 4s, no apps installed except for Pandora, Twitter, and Skype. There is no contact icon on her home screen. Maybe for some reason it wasn't installed, but it's not there. The only way to access her contacts is to go into the Phone App, hit the "contacts" button, and then add a new contact there.

greenwizard88 said,
There is no contact icon on her home screen.

Checked the Utilities folder (either on the first or second page) ?

n3verm0re said,
As for saving a number from a text conversation, I agree that this can be a pain!

Are you serious bro?
Just touch the arrow on the right side of a text message containing a 'phone number' and it shows up a page to save the number on ur contacts.
If u r texting with an unknown number and want to save that number , touch the top portion where the Clock time is displayed, u will scroll up to the top fast and then u can see the 'add to contacts' option there

n3verm0re said,
Trying to find the contact list was a chore? I'm guessing that she must have had a lot of apps installed for you to have missed the "Contacts" app. In the future, try swiping right from the home screen to bring up the finder. Type "Contacts" and voila. Works great for searching just about anything else too.

As for saving a number from a text conversation, I agree that this can be a pain!

The fact they even had to 'look' for the contacts App reaffirms why the iPhone UI is starting to show its age.

As the OP stated, on WP7, it is just there in places you need it and when you need it, and clicking on a name will even take you to their contact record, etc...

Also if you have 1000 Apps installed on WP7, the base features would not be lost, as they are not 'mixed' into the App pool, even though they are available from the App list. WP7 does a good job even without 'folders' of organizing a lot of Apps, as tapping the search to find the App works well, or clicking on A brings up a quick jump list where you can hit Z and jump through 1000 Apps instantly.

thenetavenger said,

The fact they even had to 'look' for the contacts App reaffirms why the iPhone UI is starting to show its age.

This is not a fault of the iPhone UI; it is a fault of the user. I think the Contacts app is now shoved into an Utilities folder by default though, but of course you can move it back out if you wish to do so. How anyone can fail to locate it is beyond me.

Opening up a contact record once you've clicked on a name is nothing special; iOS does the same as does Android, as do even "dumb phones".

Quite honestly, app organisation is better on iOS than WP7. Both allow you to search for an app, and surely pages and folders beat a long list of apps.

As a final point, don't take this individual or his girlfriend's inability to use an iPhone as typical experience. Even young children can navigate their way round an iPhone with relative ease. If you don't believe me how stupid these aforementioned "issues" are, go into an Apple Store and play with an iPhone.

(By the way, I agree that the iOS UI is beginning to show its age. But that's because I've used it for almost 4 years now.)

If you want to play things the one way Apple lets you then your going to love iPhone.

Apple makes things so they can be used and they do it well.

If your someones that likes to tweak things and take that extra step in order to get something working the way you want, then iPhone is not for you.

I had an iPhone and i regretted it, I'm now on Android and TBH its not perfect but its a step up from iPhone because its everything I has plus a little bit more.

I don't ever regret buying one... I had the original and the 3G and the 3GS however I grew tired, sick and bored of the iOS platform and decided for a change. Since then I went back to symbian then to Windows Phone 7, I think My next phone might be an Android based on or I may get a 4S or a iPhone 5.

The thing that gets me is people seem to accept less as more. I had a Samsung D500 which is loved this is going back to 04/05 now and it had MP3 ringtones and other features like the ability to share stuff via bluetooth etc. When the original iphone came out it could not do that and neither can windows phone (up until mango and later IOS updates).

I get the "smartphone envy" thing. I wanted both an Android and iPhone when I made the move to the smartphone. I hated that to get a replacement battery for an iPhone, you have to send it off...I still hate that! I also thought the iPhone was too locked down.

I got an Android and really wasn't crazy about it and it made me want an iPhone even more. The battery was terrible and I was constantly worried my phone would get some form of malware, etc.

After a year with an Android, I upgraded to the iPhone and I'm finally satisfied with me cell phone! If these people had an Android before their iPhone, they'd appreciate their iPhone a little more!

Btw, it the right side of the road, not the "right hand side."

Doesnt it just make sense though, if your going to spend that kinda money, research it?! lol i personally dont like iPhones but my other half has one and likes it, too generic for me!

The whole bluetooth thing is a pain with them too, i know youu can get apps, but shud you really have to?!

But i suppose for people who like paying for Apps and dont like to "mess about" with the phone and customise it, they are good...

It's a completely meaningless statistic without base studies.

Is "one in five" regretting their iPhone purchase more or less than average for a smartphone? Is "one in five" more or less than similar surveys in other countries?

I've also done a little bit more research into this... research and found that, who conducted it, questioned 1694 iPhone owners. There's no mention of which model of iPhone those owners had.

Of the 22% who supposedly 'regret' their iPhone purchase, half of them cited things like "lack of buttons" or "difficulty using e-mails." It appears they were asked for feedback on their iPhone, NOT whether they regretted it or not. I'm not overly happy with the standby time on my iPhone 4S (yes, I know about the iOS updates) but I don't regret the purchase.

Interesting that is actually a phone sales website with no particular standing in the consumer reviews/affairs world. They also promote the iPhone 4S front and centre on their homepage. Also, the survey is nowhere to be found on their website. It sounds to me like this was a carefully published survey designed to be picked up by other technology news outlets in order to drive traffic to their site.

It's also fair to point out that seem to have a penchant for sensationalist and, occasionally, anti-Apple 'surveys.' Some of my favourites include:

- Web searches for HTC phones outstrip those for Apple
- A Quarter of Brits Admit to phone Sex
- 11% of Adults Have Slept with Someone they met Online
- 76 per cent of Londoners against using mobiles on tube

Very shady business indeed and a very poorly conducted survey.

Edited by Garry, Nov 21 2011, 9:23pm :

What a ridiculous "survey". I'd like to see the amount of people surveyed to make up this data as I can't believe this.

Out of all the people I know who own iPhone's, I have only ever had one who diden't like it and this person was a women in her early 40's who I personally believe just diden't have the time to get to grips with the whole iTunes sync up of the device.

43% envied other people's phones.!

Hmm, i've love to know what these people "envied" about other peoples phones as anything other phones can do the iPhone will do. If you just want a phone as a status item then you really need to grow up.

25% was regarding battery life.!

What to people expect, seriously. If you want a smartphone that will act as a phone and also allow you a library full of books, apps, games and the ability to listen/play multiple media YOUR NOT going to get amazing battery life, thats a given. Meh, some people need to learn about technology limitations before so easily criticizing it.

That sounds like a typical average proportion of the owners of every smartphone ever made. I know I deeply hated my Motorola BACKFLIP not long after I got it.

...eight per cent had difficulty using emails...

Yeah, the iOS email is horrible. At first I thought it was like Android. It was straight forward and easy to use until I had to attach an email. Umm, where is the attach button? Oh I have to go within another app to attach something. Not very intuitive now is it.

WhatWarning said,

Not very intuitive now is it.

Agreed. Since there's no proper file system/management of sorts, I suppose there's no easy way around that problem. You do get used to creating an email "in reverse" though.

This isn't just about envy of other phones, it is also failing in the iPhone as well.

When a product is marketed with 'magical' ideals, reality can flip the user's impression fast. A product that is marketed with a bit more reality, will add 'wow' to the users as they find it works better than expected, but when coming from it should be almost 'magic' everything 'good' seems normal, and just ok features functionality become disappointments.

Apple's marketing is bad for long term, as magical can't be maintained, and leaves users to be disappointed instead of surprised.

The iPhone isn't as efficient as non-smartphone for things, and this also disappoints users, and more technical users will find ways around issues, but also realize the shortcomings.

Even though Apple tries to hide the 'flaws' there truly are issues with connectivity and lagging performance at times. And when you depending on a device for basic calls and texts, when it fails to provide this even a few times, when their friends phones are working just fine on the same carrier, they notice, and it POs people rather quickly.

Android doesn't have the magical marketing, but is using high end hardware specs in the same way, and users are noticing their friends that have devices that are far faster and easier and more consistent. Throw a happy WP7 user in a crowd of Android or WP7 users, and you will find a lot of mind changing, and some envy.

I got an iPhone 4S initially on launch but after messing with it a bit I found that the unit just didn't work well with my needs. Part of it came down to the fact that a part of my life is wrapped around Google now (I use Google Calendar, Gmail, and Google Docs). The other part is Tweetdeck lacked notifications on the iPhone.

I love my brand new iPhone 4 and will never ever go back 2 an Android Phone due 2 the fact that most of the Android Phones at Verizon are still running Android Operating System 2.2 (Froyo) or Older! With Apple, I get Apple IOS 5.0.1, Apple ICloud, and the Apple ITunes Match Service!

Mike!. How in the world can you check how the battery is going to perform until you actually buy it. I purchased the Iphone 4s for my doughter the first week it came out and to tell you the truth, the battery life is one of the worst I have ever seen. Even worst than my wife's original htc incredible After the update is even worst. She only uses it for texting, no web, no phone calls, everything turned off. She turns it on at 7am, go school until 3pm( turn it bach on and by 7pm is already 30% or less. no web, no video, etc. Is that what apple advertized for battery life?. Absolutelly not!

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