One-third of Americans would rather give up sex than their phones, survey says

A recent survey shows that Americans are perhaps just as attached to their mobile phones as you think they are.

Though you wouldn't guess some would actually admit it, one in five people would rather go without shoes for a week than without their phones; 43% of iPhone users marks the top of the list of those who would go shoeless, Android (27%) and BlackBerry (25%) users coming in second and third, respectively.

But that's just one of life's simple and earthly pleasures Americans are willing to forego. Most notably: one-third, or 33%, of all of the respondents would be "more willing to give up sex for a week than their mobile phone." 70 percent of those who would give up sex for a week rather than their phones were women.

Those are just some of the statistics found by TeleNav, Inc., via CNET, in a July survey of 514 mobile phone users (254 male, 260 female) "of driving age."

iPhone users seemed the most attached to their device; 28% of iPhone users would rather go a week without seeing their other half than their phone. And out of a collective 22% of smartphone users, 40% of those who have iPhones would rather give up their toothbrush. Even 80% of iPhone users think other iPhone users would make the best romantic partners; 70% of Android users chose other Android users.

BlackBerry users were less pick, only 47% chose other BlackBerry users. Though it's probably best to keep your options open since 55% of users would give up exercising than their phone for a week. The stats go on to say that 70% would rather give up alcohol, 63% would dissatisfy their sweet tooth and forego chocolate, 55% would do without caffeine for a week rather than their mobile phones.

Though iPhone users most often top the lists, Android users did rob first place on occasion. Half of Android users think their phones reflect their sense of style (as opposed to 43% of BlackBerry users and 35% of iPhone users) and 55% of Android users update their social networks via their phones (unlike half of iPhone users and 43% of BlackBerry users). Even then, BlackBerry reigned top place for users who have never paid more than $1 for an app (Android was in an extremely close second place); feature phone users were at the bottom of the list for most questions.

It should be noted that TeleNav is a provider of location-based mobile applications and it would behoove them for consumers to be more attached to their devices.

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Soulsiphon said,
HA! Android, 62% have never paid more than $1 for an app! Don't mind 63% for Windows, they only have like 5 apps anyway

That was Blackberry for 63%, not WP7.


Many people rely on their phone for business. I do not rely on sex to make a living. So if only for a week, logically I'd have to say that I would give up sex. However, I wouldn't give up either, and I'd punch the person asking me to.

I might agree with this. LOL.

(didn't read the post yet)

But if it came down to not having sex tonight vs giving up my phone for the night. I might choose to not have sex. Sex is overrated, lol. Maybe i'm tired of sex now, get too much maybe?

Dusco25 said,
One-third of Americans must have never had any


i have an iphone and i dont really use it that much. so i would not give up sex for phone.

Dusco25 said,
One-third of Americans must have never had any

LOL! Yeah, I dunno. I love my phone (WP7 - though it wasn't in the list), but I would definitely sooner give up my phone (ANY phone) than sex... lol

Dusco25 said,
One-third of Americans must have never had any

I think it is the girl factor here. This is from my wife "that is an unfair question, girls never think they want sex until they actually want it." I think I see the point. So you ask the average girl who isn't "in the mood" and she would be glad to give it up, lol.