OneCare Receives VB100 Award

We're pleased to report that Windows Live OneCare just received the VB100 award from Virus Bulletin. This award comes on the heels of OneCare's recent re-certification from West Coast Labs and the ICSA Labs. Together, these accolades are a strong endorsement of OneCare's powerful anti-malware tools and mean that OneCare protects customers from known threats on the market today.

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I glady use Windows Live OneCare over any other product due to it's unobtrusive nature and the fact it doesn't bog down your system like the others do. OneCare has always been quick to catch viruses, and using and configuring it is a snap.

I always recommend it to my friends and they always return happy results.

Just finally glad to see OneCare get the attention it deserves.

What "other products" are you referring to? Avira, NOD32, Kaspersky, AVG, and Norton AV/IS 2007 are just as resource-friendly as NoCare. Not to mention all of the scanners that I listed have superior detection and removal rates. Check any reputable independent AV review and you'll see just how dismal NoCare really is.

It's pretty pathetic when an anti-spyware application like Ewido/AVGAS almost surpasses NoCare in the detection of malware samples (Trojans, bots, worms, backdoors) that have been seen in the past 12 months. Notice that this particular test excludes spyware/adware.,1895,2135053,00.asp

Once they add x64 support then I'll try it again, but I did enjoy it on XP, was nice simple, and didn't take up much resources, also integrated well into windows, if it had been Free-ware, you'd have been raving!

I love OneCare, it works like a charm under Vista; I did however had a problem with it recently where I had to remove it and fully re-install it; previous installation suddenly started to be unable to get updates; its all good now though and it's the first time it happened.

ir0nw0lf said,
They just got awarded here in the South (as in Southern US) the OMGWTFWITHBBQSAUCE1000 cert. :nuts:

The regular one or spicy one?

That seems like a pretty fast turnaround after AV comparatives gave them a pretty bad review altogether. I'll have to look into what changes they made to get things taken care of in such a short order.

It's because they are entirely different tests. VB100 is only about the small subset of malware on the WildList. AV-Comparatives is a comprehensive test.

RootWind said,
It's because they are entirely different tests. VB100 is only about the small subset of malware on the WildList. AV-Comparatives is a comprehensive test.

I don't disagree the tests are different. I am offering that it's still either hard to believe...or quite impressive (f you want to think of it that way) that they went from having a bad rap altogether to now being accepted by another testing facility that plenty of people put their trust in.

I don't have an opinion one way or another because I have yet to do my research on it. I'm just very surprised to see this after the recent bad press it received by AV Comparatives. And while I can understand that people think AVC does a more comprehensive job with their viruses, OneCare should be able to compete on the same playing field as the rest of the AV companies given Microsoft's role in the marketplace. Not because they are huge, mind you; but because they want to be treated as equals to the big players out there and prove to the marketplace that they have a product worth investing in.

Heck, some people could even look at this as a nice first step towards Microsoft's current commitment to fix what people said was "broke" with the software based on its past reviews. Whether people think this was a slow or fast turnaround - if it truly is a turnaround - people who bought it are probably starting to feel better about their purchases.

But maybe we'll hear from people who use the OneCare product to validate the claims? I'd be interested to see if users notice the improvements - I'd imagine they were delivered via a patch update process maybe?

I think you incorrectly assume that there has to be a difference from scoring badly on AVC, and acquiring VB100 status. There is absolutely no correlation. 27 Products received VB100 status, with 2-3 more probably also should have (false positives or small mistakes). Some products that detect even less than OneCare also got VB100 status.

exactly what I was going to say, it seems that pretty much every AV has gotten the VB100 award, I don't even pass notice to it since I assume it doesnt take much to get certified. I trust AV Comparitives since they test over half a million viruses and OneCare could only pick up 85% while even Norton was getting 95%.

In a nutshell MS OneCare still needs a lot of improvement. Passing these ITW test are good for marketing but in the end it's the users who get a false sense of security. The VB100% award suggests that the tested products are capable of detecting 100% of all viruses. This is simply not true since no product is able to detect all viruses. These vendors have come to realize the marketing significance of these tests, and the effort they put into their products to pass the VB100 tests may not reflect the effort they put into detecting viruses outside of those included in the VB100 test set. It's possible for an AV product to pass all the VB100 tests but still have mediocre to lousy virus detection.

Any failure to detect a sample from the WildList set, in either mode, or a false positive alert in either mode, will result in a product failing to qualify for the VB100 award.

According to Andreas Clementi @ "avg missed on access one itw sample, because it was detected by the spyware side of the product. note that VB tests with default settings. kav missed one itw sample, which detection was at time of testing temporarly removed for some fixing."

Conclusion AV Tester Workshop: Wildlist is CRAP