OnePlus now says its 'world's best smartphone' will cost under $400

We’ve been following OnePlus closely since it announced last year that it planned to build a “perfect smartphone” at a “disruptive price”. Since then, we’ve heard a couple of minor details of its specs, and a few days ago, we even heard the first hint of how much we can expect it to cost.

Now, after declaring just five days ago that the company’s first device will launch for under $500 off-contract, OnePlus says that its One device will in fact go on sale for under $400. “Priced under $500 doesn’t mean $499,” OnePlus CEO Pete Lau said in a post on Google Plus. “The OnePlus One will definitely be available for under $400.”

That sounds like a pretty impressive price, given that the company has promised to offer the “best specs” in the handset, which it says will be “built using only the best components and 2014 flagship specs, both inside and out”. A customised version of Android-based CyanogenMod will form the foundation of the device’s user experience.

However, despite all of these lofty promises, we still haven't seen so much as a teaser image of the device itself. Hopefully, the company won't keep us waiting too much longer. An official announcement may well be imminent, given that everyone’s favourite leaker @evleaks recently revealed an image showing what appears to be the packaging for the handset. 

It seems that with each drip of information from the company, OnePlus is raising the stakes – it recently said on its Facebook page that it is “committed to creating the best smartphone ever”. That on its own would be a monumental task, but to achieve that at such a low price?

Suffice it to say, we’ll continue to watch this one closely. 

Source: Google Plus via BGR

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There are rumors that this device will carry a powerful new battery technology that it charges in 2 hours and fully discharge after 1 week Wifi using.

But we will see if this is true when they release it

well i just expect it to be as good as that of iphone or the note 3 or if we are little more optimistic the lumia 1520. i dont really care about the weight and thickness of the device if they can make it solid.

the problem is they can't please everyone as they think.

but let us sum it in few things:
- top specs (processor, ram, storage, sdcard)
- sensors: heart rate, thermometer, decent gps, light and motion sensor(check s4/5)
- decent camera and not the one sony gives (pixels =/= quality)
- premium build quality. we dont want another thin cheap iphone, make it solid and we can compromise on weight and thickness (check lumia icon reviews and feedback!)
- software updates: we expect this device to last couple of years
- screen: resolution is not everything, we want a really good color reproduction. dont over saturate! check how lumia 1520 do it. don't go sony route!
- durability! sapphire glass. make it thick glass so thick that it wont break no matter how much we drop it!
- battery: wireless charging and solar powered screen
-price: anything around the range of $600 is great to me and i will be glad to pay such an amount if it fulfills the above in a nice beat package