Online Holiday Retail Spending Skyrockets in 2007

According to comScore Incorporated, a global leader in measuring the digital world, for the first 44 days of the November – December 2007 holiday e-commerce spending has hit $22 billion, which is an 18% increase over the corresponding days in 2006. Monday, December 10 reached $881 million in sales (up 33%), making it the heaviest online spending day of the season and the heaviest online spending day on record. However, while households earning at least $100,000 have increased their online spending 28% versus year ago, households making less than $50,000 have increased their spending by just 10%. Tell me Neowinians, have you been contributing to this phenomenon?

Despite the strong surge in spending we observed at the beginning of last week, with both Monday and Tuesday easily surpassing $800 million in sales and showing very strong growth rates, the remainder of the week saw more modest spending. However, we anticipate that spending at the beginning of this week will again be strong with most free shipping deals available until Tuesday, December 18,” said comScore Chairman Gian Fulgoni.

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I did at least half of mine online this year and will do most online next year. It just makes sense. Online stores have a bigger selection, no lineups, and often, better prices. Plus you save money and time by not having to drive around store to store.

I did all my shopping online this year. Second year in a row I've done it that way. Most of the times, I get lucky and catch a free shipping offer, so it's just as cheap, if not a little cheaper than going to brick and mortar store.

Most of my books I now buy online through Amazon as well as some tech products I need. Also all my air tickets and other travel arrangements are done online. Due to my whereabout it's makes sense for me to do so. Online shopping is just too easy, perhaps too easy as I don't usually use a card anywhere else No wonder I'm broke at this time of year, but hey! It's Christmas, let it roll.