Online retailers predict record sales

Online retailers in the UK are preparing themselves for what is normally the busiest Internet shopping day of the year. The first Monday in December is considered by online retailers to be the peak, with sales expected to £350 million for the day, according to the BBC.

Internet retailers have already seen a surge compared with last year, when the busiest day saw sales reach around £320 million. Despite this, online spending still accounts for just 4% of total retail sales.

Evidence of an online spending surge are good so far. The British Retail Consortium said that sales were up 17% for November compared to November 2008, and retailer John Lewis said that last week saw its best sales figures for both the high street and online. An estimated 29 million people purchased Christmas presents online last year, with 5.2 million suggested to have done so at work.

However, with increased online shopping also comes more victims of fraud and fake websites. The Office of Fair Trading said in May that almost a third of Internet users did not shop online because of a lack of trust. Tony Neate of Get Safe Online has said that shoppers should take extra care to scrutinise websites carefully.

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Yep, we're all going back to vinyls.
Good for the soul; I've heard.

I'm gonna be getting me some records too.

lee26 said,
I think this month could bring us out of recession.


This recession will last for years.

Anyway, people are getting sick and tired of going to town centres and

spending their money. I know every time I goto Maidstone it stinks like an

ashtray, people get in the way and 80% I swear only go there not to

shop, but to get in other peoples way.

So like the past 8 years at this time I buy all gifts on-line.