OnLive announces business uses for cloud-based service

OnLive, the streaming PC game service, is now branching out into more "serious" applications for its cloud-based technology. The company sent out a press release this week announcing that it is teaming up with Juniper Networks. Not only will Juniper become the exclusive provider for OnLive's network infrastructure but the two companies will "jointly develop cloud-based services for the enterprise that will deliver a media-rich, interactive experience to mobile, desktop and presentation devices—instantly, simply and securely from any location."

The end result of all this is that OnLive is getting into the remote PC business. Using Juniper Networks' Junos Pulse client software, the OnLive service will let businesses and individuals access applications on their home PC from another PC, iPad, Android device or even an OnLive-enabled television. OnLive claims that with their technology accessing those applications from a remote connection "would be indistinguishable from a local one."

Launched just over a year ago, OnLive has concentrated on offering streaming game services for the PC and Mac along with TVs connected to OnLive's MicroConsole. This week's announcement is the first step for OnLive to have its streaming technology used for other services. Indeed OnLive has hinted that it could provide streaming videos on its service which would make it a rival to Netflix.

Last month, OnLive announced that the first televisions that would offer direct connections to the service would be released later this fall. Android-based tablets and smartphones with OnLive support are also in the works. The service, which is currently available only in North America, is also expected to expand to the UK later this year.

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Behold! He is coming with the CLOUDS!
And every eye should be blind with his glory.

*cough* Excuse me, too much Fallout here *cough*

This just in...Lulzsec hacks onlive, obtains hundreds of businesses data! Seriously though, I like the idea but implementation could be tricky. This whole 'Movement to the cloud' idea is great in practice but connections aren't 100% dependable and I'm sure businesses won't take the chance. Perhaps in an image/video editing environment it could work but the lack of actual physical access to your data may put some businesses off.

Plus a large number of ISPs are moving to cap users. I realize this has little impact on businesses but for the user it hits them hard, especially when you consider Apple/Google/MS/Onlive among others are pushing 'The cloud' so hard.

Business and cloud... I dare not imagine the things that could go wrong... especially with workers that cannot adapt to new technologies.