seeks P2P technology to help with distribution

Despite having a healthy list of mirror sites,'s servers have begun to choke on the demand for binary and source file downloads. After all, the Open Source office suite was downloaded about a million times in May from its official CollabNet servers alone, and no one expects things to slow down much from now on.

To make OpenOffice files more accessible -- and give its servers a breather -- community managers are turning to the peer to peer movement, asking members for their best shot at an appropriate P2P file-sharing system.

For the first round, at least, they're handing the project over to another Sun Microsystems-backed community, P2P-oriented Project JXTA. JXTA technology is a set of open protocols allowing connected devices to communicate and collaborate. Members of the JXTA community are working on a variety of consumer and corporate projects, including a handful of content distribution and file-sharing approaches the leaders want.

News source: Newsforge

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