Opera 10 beta screenshots and download links leaked

The company Opera Software is well known amongst avid technology users, particularly for its web browser, named Opera for obvious reasons. The next iteration of this browser is version 10, currently in alpha stage, which is publicly available for download. The alpha stage has already ended now, however, as the beta has been leaked, along with screenshots and other information.

The beta is supposedly going to be posted up tomorrow; the website FavBrowser were the ones to report the news of the leak, and they have revealed various screenshots, which we have included below.

Opera 10 brings with it a wealth of new features, including the updated Opera Presto 2.2 engine, which means it's 30% faster than the previous version, as well as automatic spell checking, an easier updating system and visual browser tabs, shown in some screenshots above.. It also hits 100/100 on the Acid3 test, and has a bunch of new improvements for web developers. If these images aren't quite enough for you, you can find the official download links from Opera's FTP servers below. Be sure to post back on how you find it, as the beta version concentrates on adding new features, whereas the alpha aimed at refining the engine.

Download: Windows
Download: Mac OS X
Download: Linux
Download: Solaris
Download: FreeBSD

Update: The official Opera blog has been updated with Opera 10 beta information as well as a complete changelog from the last snapshot.

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