Opera 16.0.1196.62

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Download: Opera 16.0.1196.62 | 30.6 MB (Freeware)
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lomas said,
no improvements. i wonder who is going to use this browser..

Opera Software!

Seriously though, I think this is the beginning of the end. They threw out their codebase which made them unique, started over and basically only add very minor features on top of the Chromium codebase. Part because of lack of resources, part because they no longer have the flexibility from controlling their own browser engine. How on Earth are they going to compete with... what is it... Chrome 29? At Google's pace and developers, where Google is in 100% control of Blink as well at V8?

It's kind of "interesting" that Google went from WebKit to their own Blink to improve control over their browser at the same time as Opera did the opposite.

Problem is, they weren't competing anyway - 12.xx was darn slow and had problems with lots of sites (and i'm a long-time fan..). The reality is we won't see if the gamble of using a common engine with a custom front end (UI) pays off till probably 19 at the earliest. 17 will see the first UI changes that step away from Chrome (and a bit close to 12.xx) and start to answer the needs of Opera fans.

Google went with Blink because webkit was getting saddled with all sorts of crap that wasn't really necessary any more and they were unable to change it. They didn't really abandon webcore though (it's still largely the same) so I'd argue it's quite a different scenario to Opera abandoning their engine entirely (think if it more as a 'fork'). In any case, it's still Open Source though.

As it seems Opera Devs don't want to work at all. Zero efforts... They minimised dev cost to almost nothing...

The one good thing I really liked at the beginning was the Windows Native UI they implemented. Now, Speed Dial is not native... They said it would need effort to build native SD, so... why waste time? Let's take it from Google as-is.

Additionally, in version 17 a bookmarks bar has been added, but guess what... It's the Chrome's bookmarks bar, again as-is! Opera now has a completely bastardised UI -a little native here, a little custom-made there, a little Google's own features over there... Circus! It's well known the core, the most important feature is from Chromium... but now it becomes a complete Chromium just with Opera logo!

I agree, this browser won't have any more success that Opera have had in the past. It's like all other knock-off like Comodo dragon, Iron and such BS.

Edited by PC EliTiST, Aug 27 2013, 11:07am :

That makes no sense whatsoever - Opera are building a custom UI (hence why it lacks even the same features of Chrome in 15). If they hadn't then they'd of got less flak short-term for not having as many features.

Opera said that 12.xx users will be updated to newer versions as soon as they think the Chromium based Opera's will be ready. In other words: Opera 12.xx users have to wait a couple of years...

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