Opera 20.0.1387.64

Opera is a Web browser that offers lots of features to let you take advantage of today's Web. Opera's interface combines precision and quality. Integrating modern style with powerful features, Opera gives you the freedom to truly open the web and explore. Surf the Web at lightning speed. Protect yourself against Internet threats.

Download: Opera 20.0.1387.64 | 33.1 MB (Freeware)
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Just tried this out for the first time in a long time now.

All I can say is

Even gave up on the good old 12.16 version quite some time ago. Opera is now officially toast forever. Would've never became my default browser again since it switched to that crap a** Chrome engine anyway.

Usually not one to think anything of what a program looks like and not specifically saying anything about it now, but man, that's one messed up design.

whats so bad about it? it has bookmarks, it has adblock, it displays web pages, it can install chrome addons and chrome addons have pretty much anything

or you want your browser to make you breakfast in the morning and tug you in when you got to bed?

Hah, good one!

I really don't know why, but ever since Opera 10 the browser had always performed like crap on all my computers. I never figured out what was causing the horrible Flash performance, random freezes and constant crashes...

Now that it's using a different engine I like it much better because it actually works for me, and I primarily use it in the areas where IE11 has problems with (like when YouTube randomly resets my playback settings to permanent 360p and turns back on annotations, or when I view A LOT of search results on deviantART/Flickr - IE11 chokes like mad after a few hundred loaded pictures while Opera performs somewhat better).

It's called Opera Next. Opera Next is their beta channel.

This update doesn't come to those on the stable channel, ergo it's not stable, regardless of the Chrome version it's based on.

Sir, Next branch one day becomes Stable if you don't know. Am I right?

So this release is now Opera Stable release not Opera Next release.

Opera Next Channel contain: /pub/opera-next/
Opera Stable Channel contain: /pub/opera/desktop/


It's usable now (Opera 19). I tried it last month and it's stuck as my primary, although it's missing a few extensions.

Find it quicker than Chrome, doesn't seem to get bogged down as much with more open tabs.