Opera 9.22 Build 8801 Final

Opera is a free Web browser with a pop-up blocker, multiple-window navigation, mouse gestures, keyboard shortcuts, an e-mail client with a spam filter, and integrated search for user security and speed. The cross-platform browser includes IRC-compatible chat, support for RSS newsfeeds, a password manager, and one-click customization and privacy-protection settings.


* New in version 9: Fraud protection, BitTorrent, Add your favorite search engines, Content blocker, Site preferences, Widgets, Improved rich text editing, Thumbnail preview
* Efficient surfing: Transfer manager, Tabbed browsing, Password manager, Integrated search, Pop-up blocking, Mouse gestures, Fast Forward, Sessions, Quick preferences, Notes, Voice, Keyboard Shortcuts, Trash can
* Security and privacy: Security bar, Encryption, Delete private data, Cookie control
* Mail and Chat: Opera mail, IRC chat
* Customization: Drag and drop, Skins, Language
* Accessibility: Zoom, Text size and colors, User style sheets,
* Web development: Standards support, Small-screen mode, Validate code, Toggle graphics and style sheets, Info panel, Reload from cache,
* Special: Full-screen mode, Kiosk mode aand more...

Download: Opera 9.22 Build 8801 Final | Mirror
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Only features missing from Opera's BitTorrent implementation:

1. DHT/Azureus DHT.
2. NAT Traversal.
3. Encryption support to boost speeds and avoid discrimination by ISPs.
4. Individual File download / exclusion feature.

I'm a loyal Opera and Azureus user, and adding the above bittorrent features would put Opera on par with Azureus' core functionality.

Used to be my favorite browser ever since version 5 days. Just doesn't seem nearly as snappy anymore and there are WAY to many non conforming/compliant web sites out there now a days. Quit using this a couple builds ago now.

Now I use ANY browser, EXCEPT Firefox. Personally can't stand that thing!!

Let's see. I originally posted at 5:22am. It's now 5:39am on same day. That was long enough to remind me why I've quit using Opera!! Sorry Opera!!

TokiToki said,
So you use Internet Explorer then?

No, if he think Opera isn't snappy then my guess is that he either use lynx or pulled the plug....

Opera is incredibly fast compared to firefox/ie on every machine I use it on. UI, startup speed, and page rendering are very fast.

Oh but those are built into Opera!
NoScript == Site Preferences (Disable Javascript by default and enable per site)
Adblock Plus == Blocked Content