Opera 9.50 Build 10063 Final

Opera is a free Web browser with a pop-up blocker, multiple-window navigation, mouse gestures, keyboard shortcuts, an e-mail client with a spam filter, and integrated search for user security and speed. The cross-platform browser includes IRC-compatible chat, support for RSS newsfeeds, a password manager, and one-click customization and privacy-protection settings.


  • New in version 9: Fraud protection, BitTorrent, Add your favorite search engines, Content blocker, Site preferences, Widgets, Improved rich text editing, Thumbnail preview
  • Efficient surfing: Transfer manager, Tabbed browsing, Password manager, Integrated search, Pop-up blocking, Mouse gestures, Fast Forward, Sessions, Quick preferences, Notes, Voice, Keyboard Shortcuts, Trash can
  • Security and privacy: Security bar, Encryption, Delete private data, Cookie control
  • Mail and Chat: Opera mail, IRC chat
  • Customization: Drag and drop, Skins, Language
  • Accessibility: Zoom, Text size and colors, User style sheets,
  • Web development: Standards support, Small-screen mode, Validate code, Toggle graphics and style sheets, Info panel, Reload from cache,
  • Special: Full-screen mode, Kiosk mode and more...

Download: Windows Version | Windows Version (International) | Windows Version (Classic Installer) | UNIX Version | Mac Version
Download Opera Extras: Skins | Widgets
Link: Home Page | Acid3 Test

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Opera renders pages as they are coded.
If the page has errors inside the code and it happens that it is rendering incorrectly you could always 'tweak it'
in the author/compatibility mode.

All this talk about how fast Opera is has got me thinking of giving it another try. Opera was my main browser all the way from version 5 up to 9. Ever since version 9 came out, it just seems to herky jerky for me and there are just to many websites that don't work correctly with it anymore.

Was trying out Safari. I believe it is faster than Opera was the last time I used it, but with Apples attitude about the recent flaw with it, it's gone!!

I DO still recommend Opera to most people and install it on a lot of machines though.

Going to give it another try. If nothing else, it will become my new 3rd browser, after Seamonkey and IE6.

Oh yeah,
Opera is and has always been smokin' fast, but whoa!! zoom baby, zoom!!

Where is this blazing speed people talk of? I find Opera sluggish :ponder: the only browser I've used that was damn fast was Safari...even my beloved Firefox seems slow. I must be doing something wrong

The question is - why Opera is never mentioned on the Main page ? (only FF/Safari are ? )
It's the best browser regarding speed, security and mem-usage ?

Could anyone explain it to me why Opera is worse than FF ?

I've always HATED Opera. I've thought the interface was ugly, it was slow and buggy and never worked with any of the sites I visited. The fact that they used to require you to buy the browser or it'd display advertisements annoyed me too.

Well I just tried 9.5 today and I love it. The interface looks great, it renders pages very fast and page scrolling is the smoothest I've seen for a web browser. I tried Firefox 3 for comparison and I think Opera's performance is better on my Vista machine. Opera has another fan.

the colored groups thing you can have with gmail doesnt work right with opera. the color for the tags doesnt show up

Still no support for drag and go for links?

I know you can use mouse gestures, but I am too ingrained with using the left mouse button, dragging a link and letting go to open it in a new tab. This can be done with extensions for FireFox3, and with IE7pro for IE.

I cannot get used to doing it with the right button, and I don't want to! I have tried, but I don't like doing it that way.

This is the one single thing holding me back from Opera - so I'm sticking with FF3.

BTW, I like the new black skin. It's VERY modern!

Opera seems to have always had the lead over all the other browsers with advanced features, which eventually get copied by FF and IE, but still, despite many people asking for drag and go for links (I've seen it posted many times in forums etc), it still has not been implemented.


(boobless said @ #12.1)

Change the value to 255 to enable drag for links.

Mine is set to the default 244 and I can drag links.

they changed the UI but you can get a skin that has the older look if you dont like it, if you ask me i prefer the old look.that black color dont look right but at least the x button was made smaller.

Ewwww, what did they do to the UI? Looks clunky, its hideous. Opera has been my browser of choice for many years, but I hate this look...gonna change that now.

(vanacid said @ #10.1)
personally, I like the look.

Thats fine. Altho I do not like the default look, I just dled a new skin and I gotta say this is absolutely the best looking browser by far. Something is different about the skin engine, I think, its absolutely georgeous, It feels "light and airy". kind of Ubuntu-ie. Sucker is blazing fast as well. Vaulted head and shoulders above the rest with this release.

It's impressively fast, compact and least memory usage.
However if there's a way to have extensions support like Firefox, I'll stick to FF for a while.
I know there's Adblock urlfilter.ini support in Opera, but it's not as convenience as Adblock Plus extension in FF.

woot woot, have been beta testing and RC testing this for a long time. My only gripe is the small close tab button on the new skin. Other than that, much faster than ****ing safari claims to be and an all around great browser.

Good job Opera team.

(x-byte said @ #4)
So when is this going on the front page, like any other browsers?

That spot is reserved for non Opera browsers at Neowin.

Woh, thats surprising... first time neowin knows about new opera before me! thx EL1TE

As for the 9.5 final... awesome stuff