Opera Browser Added to Some Windows 6.0 Phones

At the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona, Jon von Tetzchner, co-founder and CEO of Opera, announced that Opera Mobile will be competing with Internet Explorer Mobile as soon as the first Windows Mobile 6.0 phones hit the market. A number of handset makers have announced plans to release phones running the Microsoft operating system and currently Motorola, High Tech Computer, Asus and Toshiba have said they will include Opera Mobile on their phones. Von Tetzchner explained the handset makers' decision to add the Opera browser as one regarding benefiting users in terms of both speed and better use of a mobile phone's screen, in comparison to competitors. The company also offers Opera Mini, a free browser that works on most Java-enabled phones and communicates with a server that strips down Web sites for quicker, less data intensive mobile browsing.

News source: PC World

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I have been using this on my phone since the beginning. IE on WM5 sucks major balls. Opera is 100 times better but of course it would be

Opera FTW!
I already use it in the desktop and I have Opera Mini on my phone.
It is a great browser, they are putting it on some Airbus' planes, Nintendo Wii and DS, and some other devices.
Too bad I don't have a PDA/Smartphone to test Opera Mobile, but I'm sure it is as great as the other versions.

FTW indeed. Mobile Opera is awesome. I couldn't picture myself using my mobile phone to access web content without it. Its 4234235346536 x's faster than any mobile browser out there.

Opera is the absolute best web browser on mobile devices, that's not an opinion it's a fact. Pocket IE is unable to display any modern web pages and with Opera's small screen rendering there just is no competition.

Good news for everyone as perhaps it might even force Microsoft to make IE mobile usable.

Good news for opera! If this is anything like Opera mini then i'm sure it'll be quicker and render things better than other browsers.