Opera Mail 1.0 available for download

Opera Mail is a lightweight, customizable mail client. Reading, labeling, and filtering messages has never been so easy. Elegant tabs allow you to view multiple emails messages at once and navigate between them with ease. Threads help you smartly organize your mail. Keep up with the context of any mail thread, and quickly view previous messages in the conversation. Labels allow you to sort your messages quickly. Take control of your inbox and set simple rules to sort mail automatically. Opera Mail's built-in feed reader provides automatic notification of updates to your favorite websites. The way you read mail just got better.

Download: Opera Mail 1.0 | 11.5 MB (Freeware)
View: Opera Mail Homepage | Release Notes

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I tried this a bit, it was alright for an initial release. I can't say I'd switch to it full time from the default mail client in Windows 8 (as that suits my needs quite well) but if I ever have to run a machine without Windows 8 for some reason this would be one of my first choices to use.

I might try this out on OS X 10.9 too whenever I get that installed.

That's not an initial release. It's been released back in 2007 as a part of Opera. Now it's just separated into single program.

Is this a fork of the mail client that was previously built into Opera?

I have no reason to move away from Thunderbird, however it's always good to see freeware alternatives being developed.

thanks for the news. I had the next 15 installed on osx but it was so unstable that I didnt play with it as mush as I wanted. Want to see how it will work against AirMail