Opera Turns 10, Offers Ad Free Browsing

To celebrate Opera's 10th Birthday Download.com is offering everyone a free full version of Opera, for one day only. Until version 5 Opera did not have a free version of its popular web browser, but now offers a free version supported by adverts within the browser. Today, however, on their 10th Birthday Opera is offering everyone a free ad-free version of its web browser.

To download a free version just head over to download.com, and to get your free registration click on the link below and get a registration key to use to unlock the browser. Remember, the offer is only available today as Opera celebrates its 10th Birthday.

News source: Get your free Opera registration code

Download: Download.com

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If Opera is willing to go this far to make their browser available for people and encourage them to use, to me it shows they have a genuine confidence in their browser and truly want to make a move towards better, more standardized pages.

That doesn't make sense what you're saying, we know for a fact MS doesn't really bother with standards while we know crystal clear that Opera follows the most accurate standards. Also, Opera sells the desktop browser solely(sp) as a part of their business earnings. Opera's desktop browser, while not their biggest income generator, it still has its decent share as it's becoming more evident. MS doesn't lose anyting from giving their browser free with Windows(and you know the cost is covered there), for Opera *it* is their business.

Boggles me how you compared the two.