Oracle hits back at security critics

Oracle has lashed out against security experts who criticized the company's security record. The database vendor is "leading the software industry in terms of responsible development and security," charged Eric Maurice, manager for security in Oracle's global technology business unit in a posting on a company blog.

Security researchers in the past weeks have targeted Oracle with multiple studies and blog postings. Both security vendor NGS Software and analyst firm Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) have published studies comparing the number of software updates in Oracle and Microsoft databases. Both studies found that Microsoft outshone its competitor.

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Why are all these people targeting Oracle all of a sudden? Is Microsoft paying off these people?

Their "analyse" is obviously faulty too. How does patching your software more make it not as good? What if the Microsoft equivalent had just as many bugs but half the patches?

That's just it, they don't know how many un-patched flaws exist, so making a statement that Oracle is less secure is silly.

Hmm...two comments thus far. The other one had over thirty. I guess nobody likes to flock to news postings that don't have "Microsoft VS _____" in the title.

^ You are right. Not only the number of un-patched flaws, but also their severity should be taken into consideration. These studies were very silly.

Nothing new, also Oracle (in their magazine and in some ads) claim some "victories" over SQL Server and even more, for oracle mysql is only a myth, a fairy tale.

Call me old fashioned, but I do believe that when you make anything, for instance, a house, it needs to be structurally stable and secure. I mean, you don't make a house half-assed and then begin making repairs while you're trying to live in it. I work for a general contractor, and we always play things safe by adding top-notch stuff instead of trying to meet bare requirements to make it "up to code". I would only hope that in the world of technology, developers would work hard to provide a solid product before selling it to us (give us our insulation, our drip-edge, caulk those seams, add another coat of primer lol).