Orange announces flat rate pricing for mobile internet use

Today Orange announced plans to launch its new flat rate pricing for data on its mobile phone network.

From June, five new bundles will be introduced, 3 for contract customers and 2 for pay as you go customers.

Orange pay monthly:

Daily browsing for £1
Monthly evening and weekend browsing for £5
Monthly anytime browsing £8

Orange pay as you go:

Daily browsing for £1
7 day browsing for £5

Orange has also put in place a price cap for customers who don't sign up to a bundle. These customers will be able to browse the mobile internet as they do now, but will only be charged up to a maximum of £1.50 per day (Pay Monthly) or £2.00 (Pay As You Go).

Orange customers recieve free access to the Orange World portal and any associated data will not count to the totals. Orange have confirmed that the "Monthly anytime browsing" bundle will have a cap of 30MB per month. VoIP and Instant Messaging are not included in the bundle, strictly browsing only.

Compared to T-Mobiles's Web 'n' Walk package (£7.50 per month and 1GB per month) this deal doesn't match up £1 for MB.

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There's similar plans here on Spain for our main 3 companys ( Telefonica Movistar, Orange, Vodafone) but since some months ago a 4th one appeared named Yoigo (its telia sonera i think)
With that company I pay 1.20€ day for Unlimited 3G connection, It includes UMTS/3G Speed, Unlimited Connection, Unlimited Data transfer (you can use wathever Emule bitcomet skype insert program name here (i use to play World of warcraf from work :P) and you can connect it to your PC or laptop an use it like a anywhere modem :D
Im seriously thinking on shutting down my Home adsl... (but oh well i have 20mbps...)

My data access with verizon wireless is just tied to my minutes and it is $5 a month. My off-peak hour minutes are unlimited (weekends and after 9pm) so I can use it as much as i want during those times. I think thats pretty good. I specifically asked if there was a data limit and two billing reps said that there wasn't a data limit. It just used airtime minutes.

Speed is about the same as 56k when my signal strength is good.

Thats a crappy data usage limit, what is this, the 90s? :P

T-Mobile is much more cost effective, (in the UK) but still quite expensive, hopefully other mobile networks will follw t mobile and drive the price down

£5 a month for 3 X-Series Silver gives me "unlimted" (at least a couple of gigs of) web/email/msn/yahoo/skype/pretty much anything... I'm very happy with it!

Actually, T-Mobile give you 2GB for £7.50, or they do for me anyway ... or possibly that's because I have a voice contract too.

I don't understand why all other phone companies are so expensive for data.
Comes in handy to use my mobile phone for connecting my laptop, and 2GB is hard to use when just surfing or emailing as the data is compressed (web pages are compressed and images too).

Yeah, I was about to be all excited then too.

I wish they'd hurry up and sort out data stuff on mobile networks. I don't have time for this 'voice' and 'minutes' stuff any more. Flat rate VOIP on my mobile ftw.

Yeah, that's a bit tight. With ATT in the States, I have unlimited date and didn't even realize I used 37mb on mobile websites and occasional data based IM.