Orange to partner with Deezer to offer music streaming

Telecoms giant Orange confirmed today that they plan to partner with Deezer – the popular music streaming service, in order to provide free music streaming to customers on their pay-monthly mobile tariffs.

The French company said they want to provide their customers with the 13 million tracks that Deezer offer as an exclusive incentive to drive more customers to their network.

Mark Foster, a Deezer UK representative said "Deezer has always aimed to put fans in control of their own music – whether at a desk or on the move. We're delighted to be partnering with Orange to offer a truly flexible mobile music experience, and look forward to seeing all the tapping feet on the tube."

Currently Deezer has a user base of 20 million in France alone and is growing in popularity in the rest of Europe. The partnership is a great move for Deezer as they now have a large platform to gain users in a similar fashion to how their rival Spotify did in their partnership with Virgin Media.

Although the service is exclusive to Orange, users who don't have a pay-monthly contract can use the service. There is a charge of £4.99 for users wanting to listen solely on their Desktop and if users wish to use the service on their phone or other portable device, the price rises to £9.99.

Image credit: TechRadar

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A little bit more information for everyone. The Deezer service we are offering is not just a live stream. Music can be stored on a playlist on the handset and played on the moce (Same with the sat nav as listed by Uplift)

We are also offering the Deezer service among many new others feww as part of our new tariff launch that went live on 6th September. Part of this new service is a new and improved satalite navigation system, free ebook downloads, free games, sky news and sports and a few others.

The significant issue with this is that Orange's 3g coverage is too spotty to use basic satnav functions let alone music streaming...

winstonz said,
The significant issue with this is that Orange's 3g coverage is too spotty to use basic satnav functions let alone music streaming...

I've used Orange sat nav with no network coverage at all, after downloading the route (which you can do from home) it seems to work off location services.. almost bought a sat nav until i tried this.. it works the same for me.

This makes me laugh, this is the second offer that Orange have done that as an Orange customer I have found out about from 3rd parties
Doesn't look like a bad deal though

They've been doing that for almost a year in France. For 5€ extra on my monthly bill I get Deezer Premium+ (Offline listening + Mobile)
Really good offer