ORIGIN PC ditches AMD Radeon GPUs due to stability and performance issues

ORIGIN PC, a high end PC maker formed by a number of former Alienware team members, have made a living creating some impressive PC rigs, including the Big O, which merges the hardware of a PC and Xbox 360 into one unit. However, the company decided to publicly declare something that could be conidered a blow to a major provider of hardware for PCs.

In a statement first sent to Engadget, ORIGIN PC announced it would no longer use AMD Radeon GPUs in its systems. The statement said that the decision was due to "customer experiences, GPU performance/drivers/stability, and requests from our support staff." Neowin decided to get some more information on this matter and received some new quotes from Alvaro Masis, a Technical Support Manager for ORIGIN PC, along with a statement from CEO Kevin Wasielewski.

Here's the quote from Masis in full:

Primarily the overall issues have been stability of the cards, overheating, performance, scaling, and the amount of time to receive new drivers on both desktop and mobile GPUs.

Here's the statement from Wasielewski:

ORIGIN PC is dedicated to providing the best experience for our customers and right now that is with NVIDIA GPUs. It’s not about brand loyalty or marketing, our loyalty is 100% to our customers. We work very closely with numerous manufactures and we are constantly testing and validating the latest hardware to provide options for our customers. Parts that ORIGIN PC validates have to provide an extremely high level of performance, stability, and support. As hardware changes and evolves, so do we. We will continue to focus on providing the best possible experience for our customers, regardless of brand name, and devotedly dependent on customer satisfaction.

That last quote from Wasielewski is interesting since ORIGIN PC is one of the system builders that has teamed up with NVIDIA for their new Battlebox program of creating a lineup of high end gaming PCs. The fact that Wasielewski says that the decision to do away with all Radeon GPUs in favor of NVIDIA was "not about brand loyalty or marketing" would seem to be an indirect way to address concerns that NVIDIA had somehow "bought" the loyalty of ORIGIN PC. We hope to get a more detailed explanation from Wasielewski in the near future.

Neowin has sent an email to AMD for comment but as of this news post they have yet to respond to our inquiry.

Source: Engadget | Image via ORIGIN PC

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i personally think this is rubbish.... there will be just as many problems with nvidias cards as amd's i think there being paid to only use nvidia stuff... also seems a bit fishy seeing as the 290x is right around the corner dubbed as the titan killer which also costs less. With mantle coming out to could be the card of choice to majorly increase the price performance lead the radeons have over the geforce series. Nvidia might be starting to wake up and take notice

Lets face the facts. Both AMD and NVidia cards can have driver issues and other bugs. We all spend money on these cards and get screwed because ounce the next card is out they do not card about our card anymore. We need another graphics card company for competition.

I dont know, first Valve choose Nvidia as Steam box partner, and now this.... maybe for the master race nvidia its the choosen one.

While ATI or AMD its always investing in console gaming powering the next generation consoles...

hopefully games that come will not get affected by this

More stable? Yet in recent history twice now nVidia are the ones which have released drivers that fried hardware.

Talk about bunk.

So true... The 320.something release killed my (old, I admit) GTS250 and a friendĀ“s GTX580... Some lockups, black screens and after rebbot the system looks like some sort of 8 bit colors form of art... >_<

OH NO! I guess I can't pay an extra $500 to have someone spend an hour assembling a PC if I want an AMD now.

I have been a fan of ATI/AMD cards ever since I gave up on nvidia after the crappy Geforce MX440 line, the 5600, the 6800GTX (ran WAY too hot) from there it was AMD/ATI all the way, the only cooling issues Ive had were with my 3850 Single slot, and for reliability the 5770m I had in an ASUS had issues whenever you updated the driver to anything beyond stock, but thats a well know problem with ASUS, thats why the RoG line uses NVIDIA cards now.

My 7950 boost is awesome. It's clear that NVIDIA gave them a big wholesale discount to bash AMD. I haven't looked yet, but I bet you they now offer that NVIDIA handheld streaming thing as a part of their package. Everyone is so used to telling lies at this point, they can't even make good ones anymore. They would have been better off by saying they partnered with them.

Yep i agree. I don't know why these days companies are so ashamed to admit they are in a partnership with another company.

There's issues with both companies. I owned enough from both companies to know it. I think i owned those cards in my life (either in main PC or secondary one) : ATI Rage Fury, geForce 2 MX200, Radeon 7000, Radeon 9800 pro (flashed to XT), Radeon X800XL, Geforce 8800 gts 320, Geforce 8800 gtx, Radeon 5850, Radeon 6950 (flashed to 6970) and curently a Geforce gtx 670.

I had cards dying on me in less than a year from both companies, notably the 8800 gts and x800xl. I had drivers problems with both companies too. I had lot of drivers problems with nVidia under Vista.

Overall i must say i was extremely satisifed with both companies.

Translation: We cannot cool our units properly so we are going to blame AMD for it.

I have owned 3 generations of AMD cards, and they do not produce excessive heat, they're perfectly comparable with nVidia cards.

From the reviews I have seen online of various graphics cards AMD seem to run a lot cooler than NVIDIA... even at full load. Also they require less power than equivalent NVIDIA cards too.

I would rather pay the extra for the hardware support to Nvidia TBH. After owning a HD4890 and having it's support dropped a few years after release and being called legacy. AMD/ATI Customer support just sucks they push out cheap products quick and drop support for older models.

Next card i will pay a few quid more.

HD4xxx is DX10-only; that is why it got moved to legacy status, period. GeForce 4xx is in the same position on the nV side. I moved from AMD to nV, but NOT due to any AMD-specific issues - in my case, the move was entirely due to an amazing price deal on a specific (refurbished) nVidia GPU. I've had my share of issues (primarily due to Flash) since the move - however, those issues are, by and large, nitpicks (despite my NOT having them with AMD GPUs). Yes - I've owned far more AMD GPUs (this is, in fact, only my second nV/nForce graphics setup ever - before the GTX 550 Ti, my only personal experience with nV is integrated graphics in an nForce-chipset motherboard); therefore, if anything, you would think I'd be highly biased toward AMD. I'm biased toward what works for me - brand is largely irrelevant.

I recently dropped AMD and picked up an NVidia for the same reason. I had two 4870x2's and they pushed frames no problem for the newest games. Yes the cards are only DirectX 10.1 but why upgrade when they are working fine. Once Windows 8 came out AMD dropped support which is a cheesy excuse to bail their customers. That is why I chose NVidia this round. I don't know who would not choose NVidia anyway. Right now they have the best cards and at a great price.

I bet he will change his mind at some point when AMD take the crown as fastest graphics card (always changes) for a while, and his buyers start asking for it AMD.

Nvidia is probably the worst graphic company ever despite their overall achievement!

Why? because they always overcharge their user and the performance isn't even justify by the price tag! For instance, Titan cost 1k which is no where near the value regardless whether you can afford or not!

Origin is just giving tons of excuse and nVidia will gradually erode by AMD FOR SURE!

I wonder how much Nvidia got Origin to say that about AMD? With all the issues with Nvidia;s I've heard about, I wonder what the real issue is here.

I've always bought NVIDIA cards but recently there drivers have been crap... random PC lock ups and issues with games. And I am not he only person who has been having these sorts of problems either. So I recently ditched NVIDIA and bought an AMD card and since then not a problem with my PC at all... or playing games.

I had "stability and performance issues" with almost every Nvidia 8000/9000 series card I owned, which caused me to switch to ATI/AMD. Since switching, I've had zero issues.

Mackster said,
Exactly. When something doesn't make much sense, you can bet that money is involved.

I'd guess it's part of the NVIDIA & Valve marketing push against the Xbox One and PS4.

It's certainly not overheating. I can't speak for current gen cause i own a 670 but i owned a 5850 and a 6950 (flashed to 6970) and both cards were running really cool. I did not have any drivers or stability issue either.

Yea, me neither. Never had any kind of stability issues with any of my ATI/AMD cards and I've had quite a few, multiple in the 5XXX and 7XXX generations, as for heat, I'm using MSI afterburner to significantly lower the speed at which my fans run just to make it a bit quieter and I'm still not hitting anything that can be regarded anywhere near overheating.

Nvidia certainly isn't beyond using money to buy exclusivity and make the competition look bad. Just look at many games that use PhysX for things like fog, sure, maybe PhysX can give better fog but it's not like you can have it without yet Arkham Origins have no fog at all without PhysX.

I'll give them the slow drivers though. Since AMD switched to the "bigger updated when we have enough stuff" from their old "update each month no matter what we have" model it's been rather slow, unless you use the beta drivers.

Edited by Leonick, Oct 5 2013, 3:39pm :

I'm going to have to put my tinfoil hat on for this one. I find it hard to believe that they'd drop AMD completely. It's not like their drivers are unstable and performance unsatisfactory. I wonder if AMD's Mantle API had anything to do with this.

Because copying/pasting an article is the same thing as typing one up. The forums are separate from the front page. There's no rule that states copy-pasted content is off limits on the front page.

It was just have a jest at someone who actually imo writes a pretty decent article and in one of said articles, he actually helped me decide what phone I was going to buy next

Edited by Aheer.R.S., Oct 5 2013, 10:06am :

My experience is the same, AMD/ATI video cards/drivers are atrocious and every new one seems to fix one bug and introduce 10 new ones.

Not a single issue with my Nvidia cards/drivers.

dvb2000 said,
My experience is the same, AMD/ATI video cards/drivers are atrocious and every new one seems to fix one bug and introduce 10 new ones.

Not a single issue with my Nvidia cards/drivers.

I want to believe this doesn't happen anymore, but last graphics card I installed for my brother over the summer involved having to redownload/reinstall the drivers twice because it randomly forgot it was installing drivers or something. "Installation complete!"... with nothing installed. Ugh.