Outlook 2007 Gadgets for Windows Sidebar

If you're a fan of the Outlook 2007 To-Do Bar, but wish your upcoming appointments and tasks could be shown even when Outlook was minimized, I've got great news for you, you can do this today with the Outlook Sidebar Gadgets.

One of the new features introduced in Windows Vista is the Windows Sidebar, an application that allows gadgets—small applications that provide quick access to useful information or commands—to be displayed on your desktop or in the Sidebar.

The Sidebar presented a great opportunity for Outlook to surface the same information that we show in the To-Do Bar. To this end, we developed two Outlook gadgets: Outlook Appointments and Outlook Tasks. These gadgets can be used independently or together to provide at-a-glance information without the need to bring up Outlook.

Download: Outlook 2007 Appointments Gadget
Download: Outlook 2007 Tasks Gadget
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I don't have Vista, but I'm guessing these gadgets are just thin wrappers around the Office automation controls?

If so, you could easily drop them into an HTML page running in a toolbar set to http://localhost/blah.htm

I was doing this back on Windows 2000--no need for Vista-specific gadgets to do that. I stopped using it though, 'cuz a) the novelty wore off and b) turns out I don't use Outlook all that much to justify the extra resources needed to keep an instance running all the time.

it's about time !!! I looked all thru the Gallery and couldn't find it ... glad someone pointed it out! VERY handy!

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