Outlook.com to add alias support and new international domains

Last month, rumors hit the Internet that Microsoft was going to allow users of its Outlook.com service to sign onto their account under an email alias for the first time. Today, Microsoft confirmed that it will begin rolling out alias support for Outlook.com

In a post on the Outlook blog, Microsoft stated:

With this release, you can now sign in with any alias that has been added to your account. We've also simplified the experience of adding and managing aliases, with better advice on when you should add an alias vs. renaming your primary alias.

The blog also confirmed that Outlook.com will soon support two step authentication, which was reported earlier today. Finally, Microsoft announced that it will add support for support for 32 new international email address domains for Outlook.com users, in order for international users to have an email address that reflects the country they come from.

The supported countries include Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Hungary, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam. Again, this support will be rolled out over the next several days.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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I wish they come up with a simple way of changing your login, and NOT loosing your Skydrive space. Or to reset your phone. There should be a way to make that more simple, I don't care if it's a triple step to change it on the phone.

They've horrible spam filter - I don't use this account much but almost all new messages from people that I hadn't spoken before go to spam folder. It's very annoying.

Are you sure your spam filter settings are correct? Sounds like you may have it set to filter anyone not in your contact list? I have no such problems with my account.

I'm hoping that this also means that you can remove any of the aliases that you create or were created for you. When I renamed my account from a Live.com to an Outlook.com account there was an alias created. If I so choose, I'd like to have the ability to remove the Live.com alias.

I wish Outlook would focus on privacy first before spending time on things like this.

Currently I can have outlook open, put my laptop to sleep at 5pm, come back into work 8am the next day, load outlook back up and my session is still valid and I can reconnect with outlook with no login required.

It seems like Outlook.com simply never times out or logs out unless you tell it to?!

I wish they would add the basic functionality like letting me assign an image to my contacts. Until that day dawns I am staying with GMail.

I don't quarrel with your criticism, but in a case like that, why wouldn't you have a password on your PC user account / lock screen?

.Neo said,
When can we get our international email domain?

Did you read this part?

Finally, Microsoft announced that it will add support for support for 32 new international email address domains for Outlook.com users

BajiRav said,

Did you read this part?

My question is WHEN said support is being added. Is it active right now or is Microsoft going to enable it at a later time?

Aokromes said,
Again, this support will be rolled out over the next several days.

I suspected as much but it wasn't fully clear to me. Hopefully you two can forgive me.

Are they addeding the ability to also alias your name?

I like using aliases for craigslist. Put up a listing with an aliased email, then when you sell the item, just get rid of the alias. Has all the benefits of a throwaway email without the hassle of setting one up.

However, when you send an email from your alias, it still attaches your full name to the email. Kind of defeats the purpose.