Over 12 million Nokia Lumia 520s have been sold so far

Although the Nokia Lumia 630 has now been introduced as the new entry-level Windows Phone 8.1 device, the Lumia 520 that it indirectly replaces continues to be sold around the world. The 520 has been on sale for well over a year now and in that time, it has seen its price fall to extraordinarily low levels. 

Generally available for around $80, the Lumia 520 has been sold for as little as $39.99 off-contract during special promotions - an incredible bargain for one of our favourite Windows Phone devices. 

Today, at the company's Worldwide Partner Conference, Microsoft chief operating officer Kevin Turner revealed that the Lumia 520 is "the best-selling smartphone in its price band globally", with sales of over 12 million units so far. "We're going to continue to drive that," he added.

He described Nokia's entire range of devices as "incredible", and spoke about Microsoft's acquisition of the company earlier this year. "Our goal in moving into first-party hardware," he said, "is to continue to drive and accelerate the [Windows Phone] ecosystem... The Lumia market share this past year reached double-digits in a lot of markets, and that's fantastic." 

Turner also reiterated Microsoft's commitment to working with its hardware partners - including many new brands which it has signed up this year - to grow Windows Phone even further. Earlier, he revealed that the company's share of the total global devices market - including PCs, smartphones, tablets and other connected devices - is just 14%

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Ditching Sony and Android for a Lumia 520 was the best thing I did this year, and I'm not regretting it in the slightest.

The only time I can see that 512MB of RAM was not enough was when I tried out a couple of games, but then again, I don't really play games on phones all that much anyway. The ones I downloaded I didn't play too long anyway.

When you browse websites, and open multiple pages (not the extreme, but 2-3 pages at max.) dont you experience sudden delays when switching between the pages? I mean 512 was not enough on a Windows XP desktop 10 years ago to browse the web, the same HTML+Javascript code must be run on this handheld-size device as well, espacially if the OS is also consuming significant amount of the 512 MB, the remaining is for sure not enough for IE to run without swapping some memory content to the flash storage back-and-forth. So if you browse websites, the internal flash storage is continuously being written-modified-read-erased etc. very heavily due to this activity, so on the long term will reach the threshold of the wear level, and kill the internal storage. Which cannot be replaced without replacing the whole damn motherboard, as the flash is soldered efficiently on the PCB.

Anybody credible in the WP8 OS internals, does this system use pagefiles similarly to what we have on the desktops since the '90s ?

I got a 520 to replace my old and worn out HTC HD7 I paid £90 for it and it does exactly what I want, works brilliantly side by side with my desktop and windows RT.

The council I work for are also testing them to replace the blackberry estate.

Wondering how many of them regret they bought a 512 MB RAM device, which kills the flash-based storage due to the constant swapping while IE is used and completely occupies the free RAM.

They're $50 phones unless you got it at launch. They run very well, especially for $50. I think these users don't use IE that much either, they use them as slightly more advanced dumb phones.

Its 50$ in your country. In mine its approx. triple the price (unclocked price of course, still not SOO expensive, but also not SO low that one would just throw out that amount of money on the window without any consideration first..)

Also you are suggesting browsing the HTTP web on a smartphone is extreme usecase? You must be joking, this is the 1st usecase of any smartphone, this is out of question.

I bought 3 520s (updated to 8.1). 2 for my parents-in-law and they love it. They used to have galaxy (forgot which model), and they said, it is slow and randomly reboots or shuts down by itself. They are impressed by how simple and smooth WP 8.1 is on L520. 520 is really overall a great entry WP.

My step-daughter bought one to replace her lag-tastitc (especially on iOS 7) iPhone 4 (my original iPhone 4 from launch).

So far I think she is liking it. At first she didn't like the app selection and said it was hard to tell sometimes if an app was an official app or by some 3rd party developer or if the 3rd party developer made an official app. I think I understand what she means...

But for the most part it is a pretty snappy and responsive piece of hardware for that price. Plus the added SD slot makes this very tempting just as a music player/backup phone. Wish they would throw in a front-facing camera. It seems clear that they are reserving that feature for their "higher end" (Nokia redefined) $200+.

This could really shake up the pre-pay market.

Although I am eyeing up the 1020 as a replacement for my 520, I have no immediate plans to ditch my 520 as it does everything I need it to, I got it for free from a friend and its a solid device.

They made it but they called it 630 for some reason. Odd that it has just 512MB RAM when the 525 had 1GB though. But the 630 is in no way a successor to the 620.

mrp04 said,
They made it but they called it 630 for some reason. Odd that it has just 512MB RAM when the 525 had 1GB though. But the 630 is in no way a successor to the 620.

There's a 638 for China with 1GB, good luck getting one though.