Over 5,000 websites signed up for "The Day We Fight Back" protest against mass spying

Over 5,000 websites have now signed up to join in a previously announced online protest against mass spying operations such as the ones that have been conducted by the National Security Agency. The effort is called "The Day We Fight Back" and will begin on Tuesday, February 11th.

DuckDuckGo, Imgur and the Yahoo-owned Tumblr are among the major sites that have joined this effort, working with previously announced sites like Mozilla and Reddit and groups like the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the American Civil Liberties Union. All of these companies will  post banners on their pages Tuesday, urging people to call or email their members of the U.S. Congress and ask them to support laws that curtail online surveillance by government agencies.

This new protest is being made in the spirit of the ones that were launched in January 2012, when many websites, including Wikipedia, went "dark" for one day. The effort was designed to convince U.S. lawmakers to not pass the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA) into law. The web site blackouts were successful and both SOPA and PIPA died without coming to a vote in the U.S. Congress.

Tuesday's protest against mass online spying won't have quite the same effect as the ones held over two years ago. One of the reasons is that some sites that joined in the SOPA blackout, like Wikipedia and Google, are apparently sitting out in this new effort. However, new leaks about how groups like the NSA conduct their operations continue to come out in the open and the debate over their use of phone, data and other records will continue for a long time to come.

Source: The Day We Fight Back | Image via The Day We Fight Back

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> All of these companies will post banners on their pages Tuesday

Oh, noes!! Banners!! The NSA is in trouble now...


i_was_here said,
Will Neowin.net be participating?

Neowin is obviously smarter than these sites and wont participate in a "non-issue, all conspiracy" matter like this.

Never bothered what the government does with my own personal , internet data.
They should raise banners upon companies like Google.
If they need to watch my homebrew porn videos, sensitive workplace infos and personal details to protect me from terrorists and nutheads and Koreans?! then so be it.

what do these people hope to accomplish? if you don't like the way US law works, vote the people that write laws you like into office.

If they think the CIA/NSA/Pentagon will run with their tail between their legs because of a little banner, or that like the SOPA/PIPA demo, the senators will bend to pressure consider this:

-it is a lot easier to kill a bill, than it is to get one to pass. These people think that these "banners" will pass a bill? pfffff.

People would rather talk about uprisings than voting. There are thousands of people who can't even be bothered to write their own letters to congressmen, instead adding themselves to a deluge of copy-and-pasted template emails someone threw up onto a protest site.

'Slacktivism' is one of the most aptly coined terms of the century so far. Coupled with subjective definition of terms (people throw the word 'spy' around as if everyone knows exactly what it means in this context), with a dash of ignorance and knee-jerk rejection of any theory counter to their suspicions, well...

There isn't a lot of critical thought going around.

I wonder how many of these websites have their own mass surveillance programs like Google or outsource it to another provider like buysellads, Hell I think you could count the ones that dont on one hand.

Its not just the NSA that is spying its Google, The applications on your phone & TV, your games and pretty much every website through advertising yes even Neowin.

Fire up wireshark or look at your firewall logs while you play, browse and work. You'll soon see connections to places like "crowdreserch"

theres still no court ruling saying that MSFT / Google / Apple / Amazon / Yahoo doesn't have to follow any NSA order or 'request'.

And never will be, no matter how much people protest. Just the two words "national security" will always trump everything else, whether justified or not.

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