Over Half New Applications in '07 Malicious Says Symantec

Email, once the cyber criminals' favourite method of delivering malware to your computer, has been replaced by the web as the primary conduit of attack says internet security firm Symantec.

In its latest Internet Security Threat Report, Symantec says that in the past, users had to intentionally visit malicious sites or click on malicious email attachments to become a victim of malcode. "Today, hackers are compromising legitimate websites and using them as a distribution medium to attack home and enterprise computers. Symantec noticed that attackers are particularly targeting sites that are likely to be trusted by end users, such as social networking sites."

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In other news, I've helped 10 people fix their computers this month already by removing Symantec software that was causing BSODs and failed internet connections... :ponder:

Well companies should stop making money over them. And put a freaking stop to this retardation of software. GEEEEEEEEEEEEZZ.

I think internal investigations need to be held.

LOL jwjw1 Thats what I first thought for a split sec.

(ThaCrip said @ #8.1)
+1 i switched to AVG Free not to long ago.... so far so good ;)

I love AVG Free. So many people's computers I work on have old norton that expired years ago. Uninstall that garbage, install AVG. Works well for what you pay.

I thought it said 'over half of Symantecs 07 Applications are Malious'...i was ready to add my +1 to the thread....lol

Which I don't understand. Why can't they slim down their enterprise software for Joe consumer instead of selling the ever-so-bloated System [don't] Works? IMO, their consumer software taints their entire reputation.

Disappointed with EndPoint Protection. Alot of companies I deal with have older Windows XP workstations which are pretty unbareable since installing EndPoint on them. I recently stopped our sales guys selling it and moved them to Sophos. Best move in a long time.

They have to say stuff like this to try to scare people into buying their product....

We can just end the thread right there on that note.