Pakistan lifts its ban on Twitter access after just 12 hours

On Sunday, the citizens of Pakistan were unable to access Twitter, thanks to a ban of the social networking service ordered by that country's government. Now Reuters reports that Twitter is available again inside Pakistan as the government has lifted that ban, about 12 hours after it was put in place.

Previous reports claimed that the ban was order because Twitter allegedly refused to remove images that promoted a contest consisting of images of Islam's Prophet Muhammad. The religion of Islam considers any depiction of Muhammad as blasphemous.

The Internet Service Providers Association of Pakistan was allegedly told by the country's government to block access to Twitter indefinitely on Sunday. However, one of the country's government officially apparently stepped in to convince Pakistan's prime minister to restore Twitter access to the country.

In his own Twitter message, Pakistan's Interior Minister Rehman Malik stated, "Dear All yes I spoke to PM and informed how people are feeling about it. PM ordered to reopen the twitter."

Pakistan previously blocked access to another social networking site, Facebook, for almost two weeks in May 2010. About 1,000 other sites have been banned in the past for carrying what the country called blasphemous content, include YouTube.

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It wasn't a contest. It is a protest aimed at helping Muslims understand that non Muslims are not bound by their rules, and trying to bring to an end the ridiculous anti-blasphemy laws that exist in many countries.

the420kid said,
does anyone really care whats going on in Pakistan? just sayin...

And some of us living in Pakistan have clients abroad that we need to work for... If you don't care don't read, simple