Palm OS "Nova" at CES

The delayed and long overdue OS from Palm will finally be showing its face at this years CES. Businessweek is reporting that Palm will show off a device running "Nova" and that it should be released to the general population mid 2009. Over the last few years Palm has put together a considerable group of engineers to finally make the OS happen.

There is a die hard following of the Palm OS user base; any true loyalist never opted for the Palm made handsets that ran Windows Mobile. This update proves to be a giant breath of fresh air provided it holds up to its competitors.

One has to wonder though if it's too little to late for Palm. As of recent Palm has turned more into a hardware company than one who makes an OS for hardware. Since the last major release we have seen the iPhone launch, Android launch and many updates to Windows Mobile and Symbian. If Palm doesn't deliver a show stopper then this may be the last we see of Palm OS.

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wouldn't caring about these two people bickering be insignificant? how about this article? Are they going to cure cookie monster syndrome? haha well good luck to Palm hope they can impress, cause their hardware hasn't been that special in years.

Sacha said,
Shhh. Don't give away their secret.

Let's just say BeOS, touchscreen, mobile.

now that would be the awesome and the fastest touch screen on the market, and it would be able to multitask like a bitch!!!.