Panasonic to Bring Blu-ray Disc Burners to Europe

Panasonic will soon begin selling Blu-ray Disc-based video recorders in Europe, it said Thursday at the IFA electronics show in Berlin. The company put its first Blu-ray Disc burners on sale several years ago in Japan but the planned launch of the products in France later this year marks the first time they will be available in Europe.

Using the recorders, consumers will be able to record high-definition TV programs to Blu-ray Disc without losing quality. The only other options available are to record at standard definition to DVD or VHS tape or in high-definition to hard-disk drive, although the latter makes saving favorite programs difficult because of the limited amount of disc space available.

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Panasonic refuses to give me or it seems Dell to the firmware for My Blu-Ray burner in my Dell laptop.
But Sony laptops with the same drive get firmware updates wth???

My Panasonic Ble-ray without the firmware is POS ... and I don't mean Point of sale. I dont care if I can't get the new features in all the updates. I just want it to recognize my disc at all.


Pay about $400 for a drive and it is not much better then a normal Dvd drive/burner.

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