Panasonic's 4K 20-inch Windows 8 'tablet' could be released this summer

At CES 2013 in January, Panasonic revealed a surprising new entry in the Windows 8 tablet race: a product with a 20-inch screen that Panasonic claimed supported 4K resolutions. At the time, Panasonic did not offer a release date for this impressive looking tablet (if you can call it that).

Today, the Japan Times reports, via unnamed sources, that Panasonic's super-sized Windows 8 tablet could start shipping sometime this summer. The PC, which doesn't have a actual brand name yet, will be sold primarily as a business product, according to the story. Pricing for the tablet was not revealed.

Panasonic stated back in January that the tablet would come with a stylus that the company said would help the product perform some interesting functions but so far there's no word on what those features might be like.

The former head of Microsoft's Windows Division, Steven Sinofsky, was highly impressed with a demo of the Panasonic tablet at CES 2013. In a post on his Learning by Shipping blog he said that it "blew me away—seeing the quality of AutoCAD drawings showed a real value to the full 'stack' of hardware and software."

Source: Japan Times | Image via Steven Sinofsky

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spacer said,
Isn't 4k resolution on a screen that small completely useless?

It's a comparable pixel density to "retina" screens... about 230-260 DPI... so no, I wouldn't call it completely useless.

That is not a tablet. That is all in one desktop. Tablet is of small form factor and is portable. What is going to be next, a 50 inch tablet.

Ryano121 said,
That's if it even really needs a battery at all. I can't imagine that size of tablet being that portable.

In which case it wouldn't be a tablet - it would be an all-in-one.

you would be able to fit a pretty decent battery inside the frame of a 20" screen. That's why phones like the galaxy note has such great battery life

theyarecomingforyou said,
The horsepower needed for such a resolution pretty much guarantees that battery-life will be terrible. On the plus side... 4K!

This device actually has two batteries in it, at least the version they previewed at CES did