Panorama report on Wi-Fi was 'misleading'

A Panorama programme claiming that Wi-Fi creates three times as much radiation as mobile phone masts was "misleading", an official BBC complaints ruling has found. Two viewers complained that Panorama exaggerated the grounds for concern and wrongly suggested that Wi-Fi installations give off higher levels of radiation.

A further complaint suggested that the programme misleadingly presented an experiment to test whether certain people were hypersensitive to such radiation. Professor Michael Repacholi, who appeared in the programme, also complained that the scientific issues had been presented in an unbalanced way, and that the treatment of his own contribution to the programme was unfair.

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you need to think about this. Anything Wireless today is a multi-billions industry. Will they let anyone come forward to destroy their industry like that (perhaps it,s about control). I agree to use wireless for radio communication and such ... but beaming a lot of information by wireless is 1st. Non-Secure compared to any wired connection 2nd Not 100 % reliable and not flawless, you can potentially lose information (and frequencies can be isolated or shielded is the term) and of course long-term effect on the body of a person from overexposure.

2xSilverKnight said,
you need to think about this. Anything Wireless today is a multi-billions industry.

And scaremongering isn't?

at 2xSilverKnight:

No - it is not proven. There have been so many contradictory studies done, that its nearly impossible atm to know who is correct.

And what Croquant says is completely true. A lot of people hear the word radiation, and instantly think it must be bad. So hence why a lot of people who try to make others believe that radio waves are bad use the word radiation. Because it is emotive.

If you gave someone the choice of radio waves being emitted at them or Radio-frequncy radiation being emitted at them, 99% of people would choose the radio waves option. Even though they are the same thing.

I remember a year or so ago watching an interesting study on TV.

They sat people in a room, and told them that they would be bombarded with radio waves. Of course, in reality they weren't, but the important part was the test subjects thought they were. Afterwards, the people complained of the same symptoms as people who complain about mobile masts do. Yet they weren't actually subjected to anything. So why did they feel these symptoms?

no no , the only studies that always says there is no apparent evidence of it are complete bull to even recognize at least an impact on peoples health. They are always talking about their Statistic evidence are not showing it. Well DUH !! Like always, wait for a lot of people to get ill to do something. Always needs some people to die to get things done. To get some permanent damage you would need at least 10 years of daily-exposures, and I can tell you it's very apparent.
ALready happening for some people where their system is emitting low-level radiation and showing evident sign of long-term damages.

It's called the psychosomatic effect.
Here's how it works, in a nutshell: You believe you're ill so much, it makes you ill.
It's a kind of mental illness.

And yes: I'm saying that people who think cellphones and laptops emit dangerous radiation are crazy.

I'd point you at some links and evidence and studies, but all the tin-foil-hat wearing people have their own pseudoscience articles ready to throw back at me and I don't want this to turn into one of those discussions. If you really wanna know more about this, you can go google it anyways.

wow that tin-foil stereotype is so weak that I can't believe how I can be arguing with someone explaining his own mind on how he thinks things ''works­''. Get real and provide me your understanding of electromagnetism and all the areas that it really affects in our daily life. And stop your useless paranoia, always expecting the worst. You should google orgone energy and see how you can protect yourself. And one last thing, the Human aura is scientifically recognized and is basically understood to be an EM Field.

radio waves ??
no electromagnetic radiation or pollution is the appropriate term
now stop with that you,re the one pretending people thinking about nuclear.

Cell phone tower are beaming high frequencies that are proven for a fact harmful.
ANyone living next to a cellphone tower can experience frequent headaches and nausea. Same thing with hot area of WI-Fi. It gives symptoms to people not suspecting anything and thinking the headaches comes from themselves only.
They are a lot of different scenario, because some people are more sensible to electromagnetic pollution. ( nothing to do with geomagnetic polarity of the planet, that is good)

A lot of frequencies can be harmful and people who violently opposed are simply just too closed-minded. They should know for a fact that the military has both high and low frequency weapon either for crowd control or can make people literally sick on the spot (nothing extraordinary, has been around for years)

ANyone living next to a cellphone tower can experience frequent headaches and nausea.

Anyone? I don't. I've got a touch of nausea right now, but it isn't attributable to 2.4Ghz waves from the tower I've been living next to for the last decade...

This "one size fits all" non-science annoys me intensely. Such as the "you can't hear it but it'll keep cats / hedgehogs / teenage hoodies away" 'ultrasonic' devices (if they really were ultrasonic then only cetaceans and bats would hear it, not dogs, cats, hedgehogs, moles, foxes, badgers or whatever "vermin" craps on your lawn) that are gathering momentum. True, a deaf old fart can't hear it BECAUSE THEY'RE DEAF, but I damn well can*. It's as bad as a flickering flourescent tube in a supermarket.

While we're at it, ban cosmic rays. They're REALLY bad and cause free radicals in the body, leading to CANCER!


* I stopped being a teen over 15 years ago. Go figure.

what the hell you're talking about. see you,re kind of people pretending they know what i'm talking and getting more
bs from their mouthhole. Cmon already, do you know what electromagnetism is, eh genius ?? Where does it says that I said we need to ban anything wireless. Too much beaming of different combination of frequencies is harmfull for the environement itself and for people with OVEREXPOSURE, it does not happen all the time. Hell, i'm beside a wireless router right now, and I am typing this with no headaches at all. Go get some knowledge smart-ass.

BTW, cellphone towers do not emit @ 2,4ghz, that's your wireless phone at home maybe or your router. You know nothing about the subject. Cell phone towers are used sometimes for more than just cell phone trust me I know.

2xSilverKnight said,
BTW, cellphone towers do not emit @ 2,4ghz, that's your wireless phone at home maybe or your router.

Yeah, my bad, I just got confused between your inept ranting and the subject of the article.
Cell phone towers are used sometimes for more than just cell phone trust me I know

Indeed. Wireless networks being another use. Which conveniently brings the article subject and towers together.

subject of the article is related directly and indirectly. Everything has frequencies.
Your brain works at around 10 to 30 hertz in a wakefull state. 14 hertz is a good brain frequency that his observed when
someone is concentrated in his work and has a lot of ideas coming into mind. 14 hertz is the geomagnetic frequency of our planet, which since the 80s is increasing because our planet is spinning faster. Nothing to do with the article you think? Not so much, everything is related when you think about it. This is very basic thought I gave you but is a very large subject in itself.

The question is, Can any exterior electromagnetic frequencies influence the brain's own frequencies (meaning affect it's way of working) and lead to other symptoms, real or not. Meaning that your brain could trick your body to some other side-effects without knowing why. Think about the reasons why theres so much psychological problems today. The pills certainly don't help there, they are putting yourself off guard.

Electromagnetic waves are EVERYWHERE, naturally or artificially. To pretend that WiFi is harmful and all the others are not is stupid.
As far as I know, WiFi uses such low energy signals that other receivers might think it's all noise rather than information. Plus, it obviously isn't very powerful considering it's very limited radius.

hum .. you said it's everywhere .. of course I said before that it's called geomagnetism. Our planet is providing this and every brain on this planet is at a certain point connected to it. This is a big business in itself and THEY even started themselves this ''myth'' so they could control the myth. Control both sides.

The MSM exaggerate and mis present several other issues as well. Including environmental issues like global warming. Nothing new under the sun then...

I have always been annoyed with BBC programs and IT related issues.
They seem to lack technical understanding in the programs and exagerate things way too much.

They cause worry for no reason in many cases.

It's in my opinion that Panorama, Newsnight, and Crimewatch have become more bias over the last few years, and now has an almost growing dependance on bias sensationalism.

Panorama did the same a few weeks ago with the issue of social networking identity theft.

I expected better from the BBC.