Paramount to Support Both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray

Paramount Home Entertainment has decided to offer its films in both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray formats, becoming the first major content provider to publicly support both next generation media types. With consumers being left to choose a high definition media type, Paramount felt it would best saturate the market with products in both formats. As part of its statement the company said that widespread support for Blu-Ray, particularly Sony's Playstation 3, was influential in the decision. Paramount had been one of the initial backers for HD-DVD.

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I have a feeling this will end up more like DVD-R vs DVD+R than it will Beta vs VHS. A few companies have already announced dual format players. Dual format writers will follow. Just get one that does both. Then buy the cheaper media/movies. Both formats will be around a long time. Sony is putting Blue Ray in the PS3, since Microsoft is backing HD-DVD, you know they will add an HD-DVD drive to the Xbox 360. If not at initial launch, then later down the road.