Patent infringement, this time Apple is guilty

Whoever started the smartphone patent wars opened up the biggest can of worms. Apple, Samsung, HTC, Google and Microsoft; they are all involved. And for the most part it’s Apple’s mobile products that most of them are accused of plagiarising. But now it’s time for Apple to experience the ignominy of infringing other companies patents themselves.

MobileMedia Ideas LLC has won a lawsuit in which Apple were accused of infringing on three patents. The patents centre on the camera phone, call handling and call rejection. While there is no word on damages being awarded yet; when that happens, MobileMedia CEO Larry Horn has said that they could be “substantial.

Initially Apple was taken to court over 14 different patents, but the case was taken to trial once the number of patents in question was reduced to three.

MobileMedia said it that Apple would cause “irreparable injury” to their business if they were allowed to use their patented inventions in the iPhone without licensing them. Horn did say “we’re [MobileMedia] not in the litigation business.” Steve Bauer, a partner at Proskauer Rose LLP said in a statement:

This was a very difficult case. It required us to take the jury back to 1994-1998, when these technologies were first invented.

Apple’s stock fell 1.7% ($9.31), but they are still at the dizzy heights of $529.69. They have also refused to comment on the verdict.

Source: Bloomberg | Image courtesy of Ubergizmo

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Just read that apple tried to have the lawsuit dismissed because the patents were too obvious. This is why people hate you apple

hahah apple sux. They sued samsung over the BS about a phone looking similar, now they getting sued over a core part of the phone camera tech which is actually something worth sueing for. unlucky!

Innovation shouldn't be using other people ideas.
Innovation should be just that as it describes in the dictionary, and if you legally protect your stuff, then you would ALL DO the exact same thing.
Apple, either be INNOVATIVE to avoid it, or don't bother (or pay the licenses)

Long gone are men of admirable spirit like Tim-Berners Lee and the like...

Apple's stock fell 1.7% ($9.31), but they are still at the dizzy heights of $529.69

Given what it was worth a few months ago, that's a dismal low.

Enron said,
The fruit is rotting. If their TV thing doesn't take off, it'll continue its decline.
that is to say if it ever gets out of R&D and on to the shelves. all we continue to hear is rumors and even those have subsided quite a bit lately

While I dislike Apples patent trolling, companies like this which exist purely for patent trolling are the scourge of the industry

-T- said,
While I dislike Apples patent trolling, companies like this which exist purely for patent trolling are the scourge of the industry

Ok, I'll let this one go since NEOWIN forgot to mention important details about the parties involved:
MobileMedia, a joint venture between Sony and Nokia, sued Apple back in 2010 for infringing on 14 of its patents with the iPhone and iPod, but the case eventually focused on just three patents.

Tumultus said,

Ok, I'll let this one go since NEOWIN forgot to mention important details about the parties involved:

I did not know that, as it doesn't even say that on their website

Of course they're not commenting. They're too busy running around the office screaming "OMG WHAT HAVE WE DONE!!!"

It's too bad Steve isn't around to watch them crumble. Things are only going to get more entertaining from here. Apple is in for a severe smackdown soon. They really shouldn't have ****ed everyone off.

Yeah because like.. since this news, everyone has stopped buying apple products.

If news like this gives u the false realisation that Apple is 'crumbling' then good for you, but realistically.. they are not, sorry to disappoint.

First off, the point of the news isn't about stopping people from buying. For us tech folks, it just shows Apple is certainly able to get sued and be won against.

The fact is, when Apple is ordered to pay and they refuse or if they refuse, all infringing product sales can be immediately halted. The same crap they tried against Samsung.

Apple hasn't won a dime from their suits. They are never going to see a penny of that 1.5B they won in the US court. Samsung rights were totally violated and the foreman of the jury was hell bent on slapping Samsung. All that will be overturned and Samsung will get a new trial which they will win.The problem with you fanbois is you think this news is to try to get people from buying Apple isnt.

Grow Up!!!! Peopl eiwll buy them if they wnat them and oif they dont they wont. If this mess Apple started does push many buyers away from Apple, and I am one of them, then sucks for them. They are pushing ppl away anyways with there half-ass upgrades and devices that look the same for 5 models. No evolution no innovation. Just boring static products that off nothing.

IN RESPONSE TOO - S3P€hR, -Its not hate, its criticism. I dont hate Apple. I stopped buying the iDevices because they suck. Half-assed new features, same design with many of the same flaws.

If I had order an iPhone 5 and it came out the box bent, I would have took it to the nearest Apple store and threw it through the frikkin window and then refused to pay for it by disputing the charge on my credit card.

What I do hate about Apple is they were dying. If Microsoft didnt invest in keeping their products on APple's sucky platform, we wouldnt have to deal with them. The guy who was shopping around his music player got lucky because everyone said his idea sucked except APple. I for one am glad they are doing well. I started with Apple products. My forst PC was an Apple II. I also owned a IIC, IIE and IIGS. I dont like Macs as I feel they are a waste of money, especially since APple is using x86 and they jacked up the price 20%-40% just to run OS X. OSX hasn';t change since its first release. It offers no real new features, no innovation much like iOS.

The iPhone was teh same for the first 3 models. The iPhone 4's design which was flawed is still bsing used for the 4S, 5 and soon the 5S. No real changes, no evolution and no innovation. Its a toy.

The iPad is the only product I have in my home from Apple. I have the 3rd gen model. I will keep it until Apple stops supporting it, which means it likely wont get iOS 7 and even if it does, it wont have all of the features of whatever iPad is avail at that time.

What you're mad at is not all of us are stupid and keep buying models year after year to get boring updates that dont even bring good functionale. They rushed to get Siri out which was still in beta for the 4S so it looked like you wre getting something new over the iPhone 4. The iPhone is 4" in size...offers no new function...all they did was drop a new CPU inside. Same camera, same everything mostly.

What I hate is APple is sitting on over $100B and they arent doing jack with it. All they are doing is suing. If Android was truly stolen from Apple, then why hasnt APple sued Google? Because Apple is a liar. Android was in development long before iOS. Tho oin the beginning it was going along the Blackberry OS UI, it changed later.

Thanks to real competition where everyone is using Android, the only way to stand out is to make new devices for each model year, use advanced features and capabilities and keep the price reasonable for the market you paln to sell in. Whats great is Android can sell a brand new device for free on contract and it will offer more than a old iPhone model being sold cheaper.

Why should I hate?! My device runs a platform that is 70% of the market. Where there is real evolution and innovation. Something Apple hasn't offer in quite some time. They are riding the iPod Touch train for as long as you idiots are still willing to stand in line like a bunch on mindless zombies to buy a device that is essentially identical to the previous model.

They didnt even have Maps ready for launch, but tehy rushed to drop it in anyways. Is that what you want from your $800 phone? Whats to hate exactly? Why shoudl I hate an iPhone? I dont need to hate junk. I have a Note II and very proud of my purchase as I was when I had an iphone. What is different now, if I look down on you all for being stupid. I feel good knowing I paid less than you and have a product that is bigger, better, badder, more useful, more resilient and so much more. What is it I need to hate exactly?