Paul Thurrott: Windows XP Service Pack 3 Not Coming

The title for this newspost is easily the most significant of all 12 Short Takes Paul Thurrott has put together for the week of April 9. "If you were looking for any glimpse into the mind of Microsoft, this is it: The company has completely abandoned Windows XP, and it has absolutely no plans to ever ship an XP SP3." The majority of the Short Takes have already been posted up on our front page, the rest are simply speculation on Paul's part. Here are the individual headlines:

  • Microsoft Considers Near-Free Zune Model
  • Microsoft Releases Home Server SDK
  • Hungarian Notation Creator Heads to Space
  • Microsoft Threatens Poster of Vista SP1 Info
  • The Truth About Vista SP1
  • And What About Windows XP Service Pack 3?
  • Microsoft Preps Longhorn Server Beta 3
  • In Wake of Lawsuit, Microsoft Changes Vista Logo Branding
  • Microsoft Moves Hotmail Plus to 4 GB as Yahoo! Goes Unlimited
  • Acer Notebook Sales Surge
  • Sony Cuts PSP Price
  • Microsoft Improves Xbox 360 Warranty... Again
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News source: WindowsITPro

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Turion said,
OK let's do a class action law suit on MS if they actually do say they won't provide it.
That's like saying, "Let's do a class-action lawsuit for not releasing a service pack for Windows 3.x in 1998".

Yes, they reduced their number of operating systems down to one. But the true 32-bit operating systems have always had more than a three-year life-span, and NT5.1 has had six.

MS extended support for the hybrid 9x systems at least once...well beyond the projected life-span of those operating systems. MS has not abandoned XP, and will continue to support XP (and NT5) with updates over the next couple of years. It just won't be as service far as we know (those analysts have been proven wrong a few times before, ya know)

That's what I hate about microsoft, when they ship a new product they completely abandon the previous one. They have done it with Xbox and now they will be doing it with XP. It's like they hate this previous product did ever exist. And they will be doing the same with Xbox 360 and Vista once there successor is born...

Avenger 2.0 said,
That's what I hate about microsoft, when they ship a new product they completely abandon the previous one. They have done it with Xbox and now they will be doing it with XP. It's like they hate this previous product did ever exist. And they will be doing the same with Xbox 360 and Vista once there successor is born...

I'll give you the Xbox but not with there PC products. If anything, the level of support MS puts into Windows and other software they make is what's holding it back and causing problems.

The sheer level of support for backwords compatibility with hardware and software on Windows is mind blowing. The legecy support is what's giving people problems in the first place, be it with security, or stability. People bitch when something doesn't work, but also bitch about how bloated Windows is and that they need to get rid of all the legecy code. You can't have it both ways you know.

When SP2 came out, they cut down on the "support" for older things a bit, and broke some apps, and everyone here + their grandmom bitched and moaned about it. Now we get some speculation about SP3 from Paul, no official word on it from MS, and people yet again bitch and moan. XP's normal support will last until 2009, and iirc extended support until 2012? That's MORE then enough support for an OS many of you probably didn't even buy in the first place.

The bottom line is this. If we don't get an SP3, we'll get an SR1, only difference between the two is that SRs only have security updates while SPs have all the optional downloads many of you don't even get off of Windows Update. And maybe a few tweaks to the UI and other minor fixes. SP2 for XP was a "special" case, MS has said this lots of times. You will not get another big SP like it in the future, no grande new features will be pushed out with SPs and so on. Until MS says something about not doing SP3 officially, I will take what Paul wrote as him ranting yet again. Until then, we'll just wait for 2008 (which was the plan anyways), to see if we get SP3 or not.

For me Windows XP is dead since 30 January 2007, when I bought and installed Windows Vista.
Bye Bye Windows XP
I love Windows Vista

To be fair all these news about MS made me worry ...
why abadon XP when there is so huge base of firm customers who would like to see SP3 for wXP more than SP1 for Vista ...
it's sad that lame PR decisions wins over logic ...

Has anyone ever thought that since XP and 2000 were so similar that it was simple for Microsoft to continuously release patches and updates for both, but now that Vista is so much different than XP, it's not so easy?

Vista has some nice features and will quickly become established. People said the same negative things about XP and nearly everyone uses it now.
MS should continue to support XP and release SP3 but if not, there is Autopatcher.

that's it...
my next computer will be a mac... I never thought I would say that...
we have a test machine at work with vista on it and we installed maya and combustion on it... maya runs like crap and combustion is even worst...

MS completely ditched OGL support and that's just too bad....
bye bye windows

They need to release an SP3, if just for the sake of rolling up all previously released hotfixes and patches into a single package.

Personally, I'm using XP x64, and having SP2 for that (and Win2K3) released last month makes a reinstall *so* much quicker. Real nice to do a clean OS install, go to Windows Update, and see you no longer have 100+MB worth of patches to download already. A lot of the machines I use however have to stick to XP 32-bit, so I would still welcome SP3.

wth? windows xp is on support untill 2014, microsoft is not dropping it all (in fact, sp3 will be released by the first halve of 2008, this is official from microsoft people!), why do people still listen to paul 'nutjob' thurrot

It's not confirmed. It's just what one author feels, it isn't confirmed news.

Windows XP still has many years to go. The product support is officially on till 2014. So whether or not Microsoft releases SP3 isn't of much concern, as long as product updates and hotfixes continue.

For those of you worrying about the long list of updates that have to be installed post-sp2, consider using integrating the latest RyanVM pack.

Personally, I'm pretty sure SP3 will be out, if not, there will atleast be a security rollup that'll include all the post-sp2 critical fixes.

I personally consider "RyanVM's Post-SP2 Update Pack" such a security rollup + some nifty additions. Any serious IT administrator should be aware of Ryan's work in this field.

Microsoft is seriously abandoning their customers.

Now while I don't need XP SP3 I just think how they are currently handling things and trying to force Vista upgrades is really wrong.

The majority of users out there couldn't care less for SP3. We/you are a small minority that "care" about "SP3" but that's it.

This is not news, Microsoft has never said any such thing and SP3 is still on the schedule. Just Paul Thurrot spreading FUD.

Quick, everyone switch to Mac or Linux!

One person posts their opinion which has no basis on fact and Neowinians go hay-wire.

Besides, we know that half of what he said isn't true to begin with. If Microsoft "completely abandoned" Windows XP then there would be no updates for it now would there?

Let's wait and react to actual news, not speculation.

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